Awesome Ocean Slime Recipe

For all our slime fans, this ocean slime recipe inspires awesome imaginative play! The combination of cool sea blue colouring, sparkling glitter and your favourite sea creatures is sure to engage your children as a gorgeous invitation to play.

Ocean Slime Recipe

Ocean Slime Recipe

A Few Hints & Tips Before You Start:

  • Liquid starch is not liquid laundry detergent. If liquid starch, such as Sta-Flo, is not available where you are, you might prefer this  recipe with borax or you could try this great fluffy slime recipe.
  • Different glues, starches and even the amount of colouring you use in your slime can effect the final outcome. We prefer Elmers glue for best results with this recipe.
  • If your slime is too sticky, try adding a tiny bit more liquid starch. If it is too firm or hard, add a little more glue.
  • Slime that sticks slightly to your hands is more likely to have a nice stretchy, slime consistency.


How to Make Ocean Slime

Ocean Slime Recipe Step 1

1. In a large bowl, combine both glues and the water and mix until well combined.

Ocean Slime Recipe Step 2

Ocean Slime Recipe Step 3

2. Add the half cup of liquid starch and mix.

Ocean Slime Recipe Step 4

3. Add in your food coloring and glitter to desired level of sparkle!

Ocean Slime Recipe Step 5

4. Keep mixing until it’s no longer sticky.

Ocean Slime Recipe Step 6

Use your hands to continue mixing. If your slime is too sticky, add a little more liquid starch. If it is too firm or hard, add a little more glue.

Ocean Slime Recipe Step 7

Ocean Slime Recipe with Liquid Starch

Ocean Slime Recipe for Play

4. Add ocean animals for play.

Ocean Slime with Sea Animals

Ocean Slime Recipe with Liquid Starch

Your slime can then be stored in an air-tight container.

Sea Life Slime Recipe

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Ocean Liquid Starch Slime Recipe

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