15 Books Celebrating Christmas Around the World

Did you know that over 2 billion people around the world celebrate Christmas?  If you were to scan my book collection of holiday books, you would notice that the biggest section is Christmas books.  But, one thing my shelf is lacking is diversity. This year, I’m making a point to add books to my shelf that show how different countries around the world celebrate Christmas.

Christmas Around the World Picture Books for kids

Books Celebrating Christmas Around the World

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A World of Cookies for Santa
All Around the World: A World of Cookies for Santa by M.E. Furman
Take a trip across the world, learning about how the children of each country prepare for a visit for Santa and the treats they leave for him to enjoy – including puto seko cookies and ginger tea in the Philippines, a honey-spice cookie in Russia and sweet potato cookies in Malawi! Includes recipes for the various treats for you to try too.
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Christmas Around the World book

All Around the World: Christmas Around the World by Mary D Lankford
A detailed description of Christmas traditions and their inception from 12 diverse countries of the world are included in this wonderful celebration of Christmas. Children will learn about Ethiopian fringed umbrellas, star-shaped Filipino parol lanterns and candlelit Swedish St. Lucia crowns, and so much more.
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Christmas Around the World Booklist
Mexico: The Legend of the Poinsettia by Tomie dePaola
The Legend of the Poinsettia is a Mexican legend that tells how the poinsettia came to be the flower of the Holy Night. Tomie dePaola is a master storyteller and the illustrations in the book are beautiful.
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Africa: Christmas in Lagos by Sharon Abimbola Salu
Ranti is disappointed to be spending Christmas at home while her schoolmates travel abroad, until her teacher inspires her to see what is special about Christmas in her hometown of Lagos, Nigeria. A wonderful reminder to be grateful for what is all around you.
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Tree of Cranes: Stories of Christmas Around the World
Japan: Tree of Cranes by Allen Say
The beautiful story of a Japanese family’s Christmas as the American born mother reflects on her own Christmas traditions and mother and child decorate their special version of a Christmas tree with traditional paper cranes and candles to celebrate the coming holiday.
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Katie's London Christmas
England: Katie’s London Christmas by James Mayhew
Fly high across London, over snow-dusted landmarks, through the star-scattered sky with the one and only Father Christmas, in his sleigh, with his magical reindeer! Can Katie and Jack help Father Christmas to deliver all his presents in time for Christmas morning?
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The 12 Days o Yule
Scotland: The 12 Days O Yule by Susan Rennie
With a cast of skaters skooshin, lassies birlin, sheep a-shooglin, the all-important five gowden rings and a reid robin in a rowan tree, this version of the traditional Christmas song features easy to pronounce Scots words alongside lovely illustrations.
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Christmas Around the World Booklist
Italy: Bambinelli Sunday: A Christmas Blessing by Amy Welborn
Alessandro watches his grandfather and thinks about his parents who are away. His grandparents suggest he make a Bambino for Bambinelli Sunday in Rome. This is a tradition that takes place on the third Sunday of Advent. Children come to St. Peter’s Square where the Holy Father blesses them. The children then return the babies to their manger scenes.
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Christmas Around the World Booklist
Russia: The Miracle of St. Nicholas by Gloria Whelan
Set in a small Russian village, a babushka tells the story of a past Christmas before the soldiers arrived. It’s a story of having faith and hope.
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Christmas Around the World Booklist
Sweden: Hanna’s Christmas by Melissa Peterson
Hanna’s family recently moved to America and she is not happy about the move. She misses her home in Sweden with her Mormor, the farm and life in general. Then, a box from her Mormor arrives and inside she discovers lots of Christmas goodies and a tomten who had mistakenly been placed inside the box. Tomtens are magical creatures who live on farms and help with chores. They say that if a tomten is happy, then he will bring you good luck. Will this tomten bring Hanna good luck? Learn about Swedish customs in this sweet story.

A difficult title to find new, you can see and hear it being read by the author here:

Christmas in Lagos

Christmas Around the World Booklist
United States: Christmas in America by Callista Gingrich
Learn how Christmas has been celebrated in the United States throughout history in Christmas in America. Topics include colonists in Williamsburg, Virginia, Andrew Jackson at the White House, and Calvin Coolidge as he lights the first national Christmas tree.
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La Noche Buena
Cuban-American: La Noche Buena – A Christmas Story by Antonio Sacre
Sprinkled with Spanish words, Nina is visiting with her father’s Cuban-American family as they prepare for their Christmas Eve feast. Her father has told her that La Noche Buena is the best night of the year in many Cuban homes. When the big night finally arrives, the family shares the joy of eating a magnificent meal, attending Misa del Gallo (midnight mass) together, and then continuing the celebrations with music and dancing.
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An Aboriginal Carol
Canada: An Aboriginal Carol by David Bouchard
Before the angels stars grew dim, And wondering hunters heard their hymn, One mystic flute – one hundred drums, One message clear, “A King has come!” A beautiful reworking of Canada’s oldest and most well-known carol, The Huron Carol, with stunning illustrations by First Nations artist Moses Beaver
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Books Celebrating Christmas Around the World
Australia: John Williamson’s Christmas in Australia by John Williamson
It’s Christmas in Australia and Dad wants to capture the perfect family photo but can he get everyone in the same place at once??!
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Tea and Sugar Christmas
Tea and Sugar Christmas by Jane Jolly and Robert Ingpen
The Tea and Sugar train only came once a week on a Thursday. But the special Christmas train only came once a year. Today was Sunday. Four more days without sugar. Four more days until the Christmas train! Join Kathleen in the Australian outback as she eagerly awaits the Christmas Tea and Sugar train. Will she meet Father Christmas? Will she receive a Christmas gift from him?
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