Best Books for Early Readers: What’s to Love About Fly Guy by Tedd Arnold

When Immy first brought home one of Tedd Arnold’s Fly Guy books from the school library, I honestly failed to see the appeal. But all it took was one book and she was hooked!

Great Books for Early Readers: Fly Guy book series review by Tedd Arnold

Th first in the series, Hi! Fly Guy, was published in 2005 and was awarded the ALA Theodor Seuss Geisel Award shortly thereafter. Today there are more than 20 books in the series, including six non-fiction books.

Great Books for Early Readers: Fly Guy book series by Tedd Arnold Great Books for Beginning Readers: Fly Guy book series by Tedd Arnold

I can’t say exactly why this bug-eyed fly and his boy, Buzz, appeal to children, but they do!  Great for early or reluctant readers, the books include large, readable type, simple text and funny-to-kids, highly engaging story lines. They are structured as very basic chapter books with 32 pages in each book. As reading books, I would peg them as being best for children between six and eight years of age – but this will obviously depend on their reading ability. The text is more challenging than that of the Elephant & Piggie series. Obviously, as picture books to read aloud they can be used with children of all ages.

With their somewhat gross themes and cartoon-like illustrations, the Fly Guy series is sure to appeal to those children who don’t mind a little disgusting! At seven, Immy really enjoys them and they are a quick easy read for her, perfect for fluency and comprehension, and a real confidence booster (the following are Amazon affiliate links that will take you to the Amazon page for each book for further information).

The Fly Guy book series by Tedd Arnold

Hi! Fly Guy
Super Fly Guy
Shoo, Fly Guy
There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed Fly Guy
Fly High, Fly Guy!
Hooray for Fly Guy!
I Spy Fly Guy
Fly Guy Meets Fly Girl
Buzz Boy and Fly Guy
Fly Guy Vs. the Fly Swatter
Ride, Fly Guy, Ride
There’s a Fly Guy in my Soup
Fly Guy and the Frankenfly
Fly Guy’s Amazing Tricks
A Pet for Fly Guy
Prince Fly Guy
Fly Guy Presents: Sharks
Fly Guy Presents: Space
Fly Guy Presents: Dinosaurs
Fly Guy Presents: Firefighters
Fly Guy Presents: Insects
Fly Guy Presents: Bats

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