21 Best Chapter Book Series for Young Readers

A fabulous collection of chapter book series for young readers making the move into chapter books for the first time.

Discovering an awesome chapter book series turned reading from a chore to a pleasure for my eldest daughter. One day I brought home a Billie B. Brown book and my daughter really liked it. When she discovered it was part of a series she wanted to collect and read them all. Now my daughter regularly swaps her chapter books with her friends, carefully sorts them on her bookshelves and loves to visit our local book store and library to find more.

21 Best Chapter Book Series for Young Readers

Why choose a chapter book series for your early reader?

There is something about a series with familiar characters and their collectable nature that can spur a young reader on to read more and more. I have talked to my daughter and her friends to compile this list of 21 great chapter book series. Some are fairly easy to read and some are a little more challenging but, as a general guide, these books are suitable for readers aged 6 to 8 years.

You can find slightly more challenging books in our follow on list – 21 Best Chapter Books for 7 Year Olds.

Many of the titles within this collection continue to include some illustration as an aid for early readers as they make the  transition from school reader or picture book to chapter books.

Each child makes their own individual journey into reading, in their own time… but finding a series that your child loves might just make it all the more enjoyable!

21 Best Chapter Book Series for Young Readers

Narwhal and Jelly seriesNarwhal and Jelly series by Ben Clanton: Narwhal is a happy-go-lucky narwhal. Jelly is a no-nonsense jellyfish. The two might not have a lot in common, but they do they love waffles, parties and adventures. Each book in this fun graphic novel series features three stories and interesting sea-worthy facts, they make a great first step towards chapter books.
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Sophie Mouse chapter booksThe Adventures of Sophie Mouse series by Poppy Green: A sweet series about a little mouse and her forest friends. In the first book of the series, A New Friend, Sophie Mouse must convince her classmates-and herself-that a new student is nothing to fear…even if he is a snake!
Available: Amazon | The Book Depository
The Critter Club chapter books for early readersThe Critter Club series by Callie Barkley: This illustrated book series makes a wonderful first introduction to chapter books. In the first book, Amy and the Missing Puppy, Amy resigns herself to helping out at her mom’s vet clinic when all of her friends head out of town for spring break. At least she’ll be around cute animals! But when the cold, elusive millionaire, Marge Sullivan, brings her puppy Rufus in for a check-up, Amy encounters an unexpected mystery.
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The Bad Guys chapter books for early readersThe Bad Guys series by Aaron Blabey: With a super cool, graphic novel style, The Bad Guys series is a great read for those starting out with chapter books and reluctant readers (but the voracious young readers I know love them too!) They sound like bad guys, they look like bad guys … they even smell like bad guys. But Mr Wolf, Mr Piranha, Mr Snake and Mr Shark are about to change all of that…they’re turning good!
Available: Amazon | The Book Depository
Hot Dog book series for early readersHot Dog series by Anh Do: Meet Hotdog, the sausage dog, and his friends – Kev, the goofy cat, whos always dressed up in some silly costume, and Lizzie, the gutsy lizard, who eats bug burgers for breakfast! In book one of the series, they’re heading off on a mad adventure to help a baby bird find its missing mama!
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Pugly book series for young readersPugly series by Pamela Butchart: Pugly is a pug with aspirations and dreams. While his owner is at school, he bakes cakes, builds space rockets and solves crimes. Things never go entirely to plan, though…
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Dragon Masters first chapter book seriesThe Dragon Masters series by Tracey West: 8 year old Drake and his friends have been chosen as Dragon-Masters-in-training, learning how to train dragons. They must also uncover and connect with their dragon’s very special powers.
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Ricky Ricotta book seriesThe Ricky Ricotta’s Mighty Robot series by Dav Pilkey: Ricky Ricotta is a little mouse with a big problems! At least until he rescues Dr Stinky McNasty’s mighty robot. Nobody can pick on Ricky Ricotta any more, he and his robot are going to teach those bullies a lesson! Ricky discovers that a little mouse can be a BIG hero…with some help from his new best friend!
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Time Hunters chapter books for early readersTime Hunters series by Chris Blake: Another recommendation from a friend – Time Hunters is a fantasy series about Tom’s adventures through different time periods (Ancient Rome, Aztec Empire, Ancient Egypt, etc) in search of six hidden amulets that have the power to break an ancient curse.
Available: Amazon | The Book Depository
Captain Awesome booksCaptain Awesome series by Stan Kirby: Eight-year-old Eugene McGillicudy is an imaginative boy who loves comic books and superheroes. Eugene also has his very own supersecret superhero alter ego named Captain Awesome. MI-TEE!
Available: Amazon | The Book Depository
Secret Agent Jack StalwartSecret Agent Jack Stalwart series by Elizabeth Singer Hunt: This British series follows nine year old Jack Stalwart on his travels around the world (from England to China to the jungles of Cambodia) looking for clues that will help him find his missing brother.
Available: Amazon | The Book Depository
Magic Treehouse booksThe Magic Treehouse series by Mary Pope Osborne: Jack and Annie, siblings from Frog Creek, Pennsylvania, travel through different countries and time periods after discovering a set of magical books in a very magical treehouse.
Available: Amazon | The Book Depository
The princess in black books for young readersThe Princess in Black series by Shannon Hale: Who says princesses don’t wear black? When trouble raises its blue monster head, Princess Magnolia ditches her flouncy dresses and becomes the (secret) Princess in Black!
Available: Amazon | The Book Depository
Ella and Olivia early reader chapter booksElla and Olivia series by Yvette Poshoglian: Meet Ella and Olivia. Big sister. Little sister. Best friends. Baking fun, toy collecting, puppy trouble and more – it’s lucky Ella and Olivia have each other to share their fun!
Available: The Book Depository
Billie B BrownBillie B Brown series by Sally Rippin: The series that made my youngest fall in love with reading! Meet Billie B. Brown, brave, brilliant, bold, and bound to become your best friend! Brand-new readers will readily relate to this series of stand-alone, everyday adventures. Filled with true-to-life situations, warm family relationships, humorous illustrations and positive problem-solving, they’re taking the early reader scene by storm!
Available: The Book Depository
Hey Jack young reader chapter booksHey Jack series by Sally Rippin: Meet Jack – he might be shy and worry about things alot but he shines in his school musical, builds excellent Lego castles and even makes his own robot costumes out of cardboard boxes!
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Heidi HeckelbeckHeidi Hecklebeck series by Wanda Coven: Heidi Heckelbeck seems like any other eight-year-old, but she has a secret: She’s a witch in disguise. Careful to keep her powers hidden (but excited to use them all the same), Heidi’s learning to live like any other kid–who just happens to be witch.
Available: Amazon | The Book Depository
Katie Woo book seriesKatie Woo series by Fran Manushkin: Katie Woo is smart, funny and very good at getting herself into trouble! Exploring issues about life and growing up, Katie Woo and her friends are characters children can easily relate too, in situations they may themselves have experienced!
Available: Amazon | The Book Depository
Greetings from SomewhereGreetings from Somewhere series by Harper Paris: A series filled with mystery, travel, and adventure, in the first book, The Mystery of the Gold Coin, twins Ethan and Ella must find a missing coin before they move away from their hometown!
Available: Amazon | The Book Depository
Nancy Drew and the Clue CrewNancy Drew and the Clue Crew series by Carolyn Keene: Eight year old Nancy Drew and her friends, Bess and George, find mysteries to solve all around them – at home, school and all around their town, in this great first chapter book series.
Available: Amazon | The Book Depository
A to Z Mysteries chapter booksA to Z Mysteries series by Ron Roy: These mysteries centre around a group of nine year olds – Ruby Rose, Dink and Josh. I particularly like this series because all the kids contribute to solving each book’s mystery! There are 26 books in the original series – one for each letter from A to Z, followed by a number of follow on Super Editions and then a spin off series called Calendar Mysteries aimed at second and third graders.
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21 Best Chapter Books for Young Readers

And of course there are many, many more. I would love some recommendations from you. What are your kids favourite chapter book series?

P.S. It’s always a good idea to take a moment to read reviews and age recommendations for any titles you are unfamiliar with. Each title above is linked to an online bookstore page where you can find further information (these are affiliate links).

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    1. That is fantastic! 🙂

  1. Kristy Tillman says:

    My son loves the Ricky ricotta series of books, dragon masters and greetings from somewhere

    1. I will have to check them out.

  2. Also for animal and humour lovers is Rebecca Johnson’s “Juliet, nearly a vet” series. Rebecca is an Australian author (“Go Aussies!”) so all the stories are relevant to our kids i.e. the children find a brown snake in the shed, not a skunk in the basement. ‘Juliet’ also keeps a scrapbook of interesting facts and a mini-quiz at the end of each book, which exposes readers to different forms and styles of writing. Plus the scrapes the children get into are just so damn funny. This is our favourite series of chapter books for young readers.

    1. I think my daughter would love ‘Juliet’. Thanks for the suggestion.

  3. My daughter likes The Critter Club, Junie B Jones, Heidi Heckelbeck, Lego Friends chapter books, Rainbow Magic Fairies, and the list goes on and on. She also likes Diary of a Wimpy Kid books but they are a little more than just beginner chapters.

    1. Also the Magic Tree House books.

      1. Thanks for the suggestions. I will keep my eye out for those 🙂

  4. My 6 and 8 year old grandsons cn’t get enough of ” Mary Osborne’s Magic Treehouse mystery series. Although they can be read in different orders ( author does write a short recap of previous events) they are best read in order. The books take young readers on wonderful adventures transportiing them back to the time of King Tut, Shakespeare, Renaissance, prehistoric etc. I just recently found two books by the same author on “tales of the Odyssey” written in a language that capitivates the interest of young readers. The Odyssey books got stellar reviews on various online book sites. As a retired teacher I highly recommend tbese books to engage young readers and build their background knowledge on so many wonderful topics.

  5. My kids ❤️ Heidi hecklebeck, dork diaries, bad kitty, Princess pink, Katie woo, baby mouse. They have many more but those are the ones they always ask me about and check out at the library.

  6. Ann Buckley says:

    You have got to read “All Four Stars” It is a story about a girl named Gladys Gatsby who
    Is a foodie. She has an assignment at school that the teacher will be submitting to the newspaper for a contest. Her entry gets sent to the food editor instead of the contest department! She becomes a food critic for the paper but has to do it all without getting caught! Such a loveable character and fun story to read!
    The Second Book is called “The Stars of Summer” …..and the third book is coming out in July 2016!
    You will not be sorry you started this series!!!
    The author is Tara Dairman and she will do skype interviews with library reading groups or with teachers/classrooms!

  7. We love the Billie B and Hey Jack series! They are available through any Usborne Books & More Consultant in the US 🙂

  8. My sons love Captain Awesome, the Stink books series and the Weirder books.

  9. The A to Z mystery series has been a great hit and helped my son find a love for chapter books…my 9 year old daughter even joined us for reading time! Josh, dink and Ruth rose feel like family 🙂

  10. Phyllis Reynolds Naylor has a series that begins with The Boys Start the War. The second book in the series is The Girls Get Even. This is a fabulous series – funny, adventurous, and wholesome! I use the series as read aloud books in my classroom and many children check the books out from the library because they just can’t wait to find out what happens next. This “can’t put it down” kind of book is conducive to a lifelong love of reading!

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