15 Christmas Chapter Books for Early Readers

Inside: 15 Christmas chapter books for early readers, age 6 years and up.

As I sit hear writing this introduction I can hear our eight year old reading aloud from our copy of The Twelve Days of Christmas picture book down the hallway while her sister is pouring over a beautifully illustrated copy of Twas The Night Before Christmas.

Our girls love the annual appearance of our basket of beloved Christmas books at the beginning of the holiday season. This basket includes lots of Christmas themed books that we have collected over the years, including board books, picture books and chapter books. We add at least a few new titles each year.


Whether you have a basket of Christmas books or you count down to Christmas with a book advent calendar, below you are sure to find some great chapter books for early or newly independent readers.

This stage can be hard when it comes to book-age recommendations, as reading levels can vary so much in the 6-8 year age range.  While I have included age recommendations here, if you are unsure if a title is suitable for your child, click through via the book title and have a look at the text inside via the ‘Look Inside’ function at Amazon. The content within these stories is suitable as read alouds for children of any age.

If you are looking for chapter book and novel suggestions for older readers, click through to see our list of Christmas Chapter Books for Tweens, or your might like to try the titles on our list of Christmas Graphic Novels for Kids.

Now on to the list…

15 Christmas Chapter Books for Early Readers

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The First Christmas Jumper (and the Sheep Who Changed Everything) by Ryan Tubridy The First Christmas Jumper
Hilary the sheep is special – she’s the only multi-colored sheep in the world! She loves Christmas and dreams of meeting Santa. When Santa starts looking for wool to make a jumper that will keep him warm on his important Christmas journey, Hilary wonders if she could possibly be chosen. A sweet and funny first Christmas chapter book with a great cast of characters, great for newly independent readers. Age 6+ years.
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Captain Awesome Saves the Winter Wonderland by Stan Kirby
Eugene and Charlie can hardly wait for their school’s holiday spectacular – The Winter Wonderland. But not before the superhero skills of these Snowflake Symphony members are called into action as an all-new villain threatens to ruin the second graders’ performance. Can the Sunnyview Superhero Squad save the show? Age 6+ years.
Available: Amazon
Ella Diaries: Christmas Crackers by Meredith Costain Ella Diaries Christmas Crackers
Ella has so many ideas for the class Christmas project that she calls a special meeting with her BFFs, Zoe and Ammy. They are so excited that they all want to be in charge of costumes, and be director and act in the performance. Will they convince their class to support their big ideas? Age 7+ years.
Available: Amazon
Magic Tree House: Christmas in Camelot by Mary Pope Osborne Christmas in Camelot Chapter Book
When Jack and Annie receive an invitation to spend Christmas Eve in Camelot—a magical place that exists only in myth and fantasy—they know they are in for their biggest adventure yet. What they don’t know is that the invitation will send them on a quest to save Camelot. Age 7+ years.
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Daisy and the Trouble with Christmas by Kes Gray Daisy and the Trouble with Christmas
Daisy is so excited about Christmas! Especially as this year she will perform in the school Christmas play. She’s got seven whole words to learn. But when Daisy and her best friend Gabby decide that the doll their teacher has chosen for Baby Jesus is a bit boring, Daisy comes up with a plan that can only mean one thing… TROUBLE! Age 7+ years.
Available: Amazon
How Winston Delivered Christmas by Alex T. Smith How Winston Delivered Christmas
Winston is a little mouse who, upon finding a letter addressed to Santa on Christmas Eve, is determined to make sure the lost letter reaches Santa before it’s too late! Along the way, he meets other creatures who advise him on his journey, finding help in the most unexpected of places. This delightful advent story is told in twenty four and a half chapters. Age 7+ years.
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Christmas Wishes by Enid Blyton Christmas Wishes Christmas Stories
The spirit of Christmas abounds with Blyton’s tales of magic and Christmas wishes – from a dog who discovers the joy of Christmas to Santa Claus who gets himself out of a muddle with a little help from his friends, these stories celebrate shared times, festivities and wonder. Age 6+ years.
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The Snowman by Michael Morpurgo The Snowman chapter book
This delightful novella, draws on Raymond Briggs’ class illustrated, wordless story, The Snowman for inspiration. James, a quiet child with a stammer forms a friendship with a Snowman and together with his family and friends, James learns to overcome his stammer and find his words. Age 7+ years.
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Christmas Ballerina (Secret Kingdom Series Special) by Rosie Banks Christmas Ballerina chapter book for kids
Ellie, Summer and Jasmine return to the Secret Kingdom for a Christmas Celebration, only to find that Rosalind, the elf ballerina, is in trouble! They must work together with Trixi, King Merry and Santa to save Rosalind from Queen Malice and the Storm Sprites’ spells, in time for her to dance in her special Christmas performance. Age 8+ years.
Available: Amazon
Merry Christmas, Geronimo! by Geronimo Stilton Merry Christmas Geronimo
Everything that could possibly go wrong for Geronimo’s Christmas preparations does! Will this be the worst Christmas ever? Or will Geronimo’s family help to save the holidays? Age 7+ years.
Available: Amazon
Geronimo Stilton Classic Tales: A Christmas Carol by Geronimo Stilton A Christmas Carol
Geronimo retells the classic tale of old and cranky Ebenezer Scrooge. With no Christmas spirit, Ebenezer is visited by three ghosts on the night of Christmas Eve. Age 7+ years.
Available: Amazon
Magic Kitten: A Christmas Surprise by Sue Bentley A Christmas Surprise
Molly is so excited to spend Christmas with her family but in the lead up she just can’t seem to keep herself out of trouble! Luckily, she finds a distraction in Flame – a snow white kitten. With his magical help, it looks like Molly is set to get the best Christmas present ever.. Age 8+ years.
Available: Amazon
Oscar’s Lonely Christmas by Holly Webb Oscars Lonely Christmas
Hannah is delighted to receive a puppy, Oscar, just before Christmas. She wishes she could spend all her time with her gorgeous puppy, but she has her school Christmas play to rehearse. Poor Oscar doesn’t understand why Hannah has left him all alone. Age 8+ years.
Available: Amazon
The Best Christmas Pageant Ever by Barbara Robinson The Best Christmas Pageant Ever
The six Herdman kids can only be described as naughty! When they show up at church for the free snacks and suddenly take over the Christmas pageant, the other kids (and adults) are shocked. The Herdsman children have never before heard the Christmas story and start to re-imagine it in just their own way, with hilarious results and just a little Christmas magic for all. Age 8+ years.
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