Christmas Stocking Stuffers For Creative Kids

As long time readers of Childhood 101 will know, the value of children creating is close to my heart and so I could think of no better place to start this Christmas stocking stuffer ideas series. If you know a creative kids be sure to add at least a few of the following to your Christmas shopping list…

– Textas/Felt tipped marker pens – washable, child friendly varieties are best

– Crayola Twistables Slick Stix

– Scissors – safety scissors for younger children and decorative scissors (that cut patterned lines) for older children

– Decorative hole punches

– Watercolour paints

– Watercolour pencils or crayons

– Oil pastels

– Playdough, air dry clay or plasticine

– A big roll of paper (I get ours from Ikea)

– A collage kit containing fabric shapes, wool scraps, sequins, buttons, scrapbooking papers, cellophane, popsticks, matchsticks, glitter, glue, glitter glue and coloured electrical tape

– Makedo Free Play Kit

– Sketch book

– My book, Time to Create: Hands On Explorations in Process Art for Young Children

A puppet making kit

Their very own sewing box

– Not a Box or Not a Stick by Antoinette Portis

– Milli, Jack and the Dancing Cat by Stephen Michael King

– A good quality art smock – I suggest washable, plastic lined and long sleeved with elasticised wrists

What would you add to my list of suggestions for creative kids?

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    1. I was going to suggest items similar to Ai 🙂 We also love using acrylic paints as well as the colours are so bold and bright and can paint on many surfaces.
      We’ve also made a fun “Drawing, Writing and Creating” folder made from a file folder that holds different types of papers in the different sections as well as drawing books, writing books, stickers etc. It allows for simple organisation and easy access for children. You can see more details about it here 🙂
      Fun crayons are now available that are like finger puppets (we show some in the above post) that would make great gifts.
      Great list! Thanks for sharing it. It’d be great for kids to get more of these items and less shiny, plasticy stuff that holds little purpose. 🙂

  1. I think I must hoard art supplies. My kids have almost all the things on the list except a makedo free play kit and the books…..Even though my kids are not quite 3 and not quite 2.

    I think pipecleaners, googly eyes, dot markers, colored construction paper, origami paper and coloured/patterned mt tape would also make great additions. Plus a box of recycling!!!

    Another cute book is “beautiful oops” by Barney Saltzberg.

    1. Love the suggestions, thank you Lulu 🙂 Immy loves our dot markers and googly eyes are a must!

  2. I have teenagers that are involved in art classes at their schools and I’m planning on filling their stockings with the following supplies:
    Permanent black markers in various widths(.01,.03,.05,.08)
    Pencils with different hardness levels
    Prismacolor colored pencils
    watercolor pencils
    charcoal pencils
    rubbing sticks
    chalk and oil pastels
    fixative spray (for the charcoal and chalk pastels)
    baby oil(for the oil pastels)
    Big kids like art supplies too!

  3. I would add, Face Paints. My 4 year old loves painting her face, my face, her Dads face, her grandparents face. And it is actually a really fun time!

  4. tape, tape, tape and a whole lot of glue sticks! We never have enough of that in our house!

  5. Food coloring (wish it came in a gallon!) + Balloons + water + freezing weather = colorful water balls (after you take the balloon off)
    Coffee filters
    Wax paper

  6. Sidewalk chalk is a hit around here….messy fun that washes off in the rain! I buy it for my owns kids….and all the kids I know!

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