8 Christmas Websites Your Kids Will Love!

School’s out, the present shopping done and the wrapping (and cleaning!) begun, so I feel like we can take a bit of time to relax and enjoy the last few days before Christmas. We’ve been making decorations, cards and treats, watching a holiday movie or two, reading lots of our favourite Christmas books, and having a bit of fun creating a little Christmas magic online as well! This is a list of fun Christmas websites for kids – in fact, #1, #2 and #5 are absolute must-haves for Christmas fun in our house!

Christmas Websites Your Kids Will Love Exploring

1. Portable North Pole
My girls have adored the free video messages from Santa at PNP for three Christmases now (this will be our fourth). You’ll need to personalise the message before showing the video to your child, so this is one to pre-prepare. Each video is simple to create, taking only a few minutes, and there are a range of paid, premium options available too.

You’ll also find lots of fun information for children (especially about Santa and his elves) in PNP’s Santa’s Village.

2. NORAD Santa Tracker
Every year on Christmas Eve, NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) tracks Santa’s journey around the globe. It’s fun to see Santa visit the countries and landmarks around the world. The site also includes games, books, videos and music to enjoy in the lead up to the big night!

3. Reindeercam.com
My seven year old is fascinated by this live feed of Santa’s reindeers. Of course, being on the other side of the world, it’s usually night and the reindeer are asleep when we tune in but recent live streams have been captured to enjoy. Santa makes regular appearances – feeding the reindeer and checking his mail, and even reading some of the mail out on camera. You might also catch sight of a cheeky elf or naughty Grinch, if you are lucky! You can also add your children’s names to the scrolling Nice List.

4. ElfYourself.com
Upload your children’s photos to create a small range of fun dancing elf videos that can be emailed and shared via social media if you choose.

5. JibJab Holidays
A step up from Elf Yourself, Jib Jab is a paid subscription service that allows you to make all sorts of different dancing elf and other holiday themed Christmas videos, with your kids as the main characters. It cost me $18AU to subscribe for a year and Immy has spent hours making and watching the videos featuring herself and her sister. You can email the videos as e-cards to friends and share them on Facebook too.

6. NorthPole.com
A website of Christmas themed games, stories and activities that the kids will have fun exploring.

7. Why Christmas?
Created by a Christmas expert, Why Christmas? features interesting information about Christmas customs and traditions, including a great Christmas Around the World section.

8. Scholastic Holiday Scrapbook
An interactive two page scrapbook of interesting facts and activities about the holidays. Each picture in the scrapbook links to more information or further activities. I would love to see Scholastic extend this scrapbook as I think it’s a great resource and well laid out.

Do you have a favourite Christmas website that the kids love?

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