Creating with Ink & Ice Paint

Creating with permanent marker and ice paint is lots of fun – the process and the results are all sorts of cool!

Fun with Ice Painting

Childhood 101 | Ice painting with ink drawing

When Immy came to me recently with an idea for an art project, I was surprised to hear that she wanted to make some ice paints as it is not something we have created with since she was a very young toddler. The following was all at her suggestion, my only input was providing a pipette to fill the ice tray with – nothing like including a little extra fine motor element to the experience!

Childhood 101 | Ink and ice painting

We used liquid food colouring to make our ice paint. You will want to add quite a lot to make nice, strong paint colours.

Childhood 101 | Painting with ice

Immy must have checked the freezer 100 times before the ice was frozen and ready to use. We popped the paints out onto some paper towel to help absorb any excess liquid as the ice melted. This activity did get quite messy so be sure to cover your work space and pop an apron on your child. Our fingers were stained but the colour washed off with regular hand washing within 24 hours.

Childhood 101 | Ice painting

Immy decided that she first wanted to draw pictures with black, permanent marker pen. She told me that she was drawing cold things since she would be painting them with ice. First up was a snowman and then a Christmas tree, “Because it’s cold in some countries at Christmastime,” (it is most certainly not cold at Christmas here in Western Australia!)

Childhood 101 | Ice painting preschool
Then it was onto ice painting. The colours were deliciously vibrant and Immy had a fabulous time switching from one to the other, testing them all out.

Childhood 101 | Ice painting kindergarten
I think she found them more difficult to manage with any real control and so she soon discarded the idea of ‘colouring in’ the elements of her picture in favour of big blocks of vibrant colour.

Childhood 101 | Ink and ice creations

Once her drawings had been adorned Immy asked for some more paper to paint on.

Childhood 101 | Painting  ideas for preschool

She was enjoying the experience so much that she filled up whole pages with bright blocks of colour.

Childhood 101 | Ice painting activity

All too soon the ice had melted and the wonderfully colourful, messy, cold art making spectacular came to an end….

Childhood 101 | Painting with ice activity

…but not quite as I can see wonderful potential for further art experiences in these brightly coloured papers!

Childhood 101 | Ice painting preschool activity

Have you tried ice painting?

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  1. I really love this idea, I can’t wait to try it with my two-year old. I love the colors. Have you ever tried using popsicle sticks in the ice? or is playing with the ice part of the learning experience?

  2. Mian Zahid says:

    Nice work

  3. Wow! It turns out wonderfully!! We’ll have to give this a go.. I think both my girls would enjoy it!

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