DIY Kids: Make Your Own Travel Peekaboo Game

This post was first published in July, 2010.

We are heading away for a few days, in search of warmer pastures and I thought I would take the opportunity to share this simple, travel-handy Peekaboo Game which I quickly whipped up to help keep Immy busy whilst we are travelling.

I don’t know about you but I am always keeping bits and pieces which might come in handy one day, like the large, clear plastic bags which blankets and quilts usually come packaged in. And it just so happens, that that particular thick, clear plastic was perfect for this project.

I made a square plastic pocket, stitched around the edges, and filled it with coloured rice (though you could easily used coloured sand or even small beads or sequins) and a collection of peekaboo treasures…

Childhood 101 | DIY Peekaboo Travel Game Tutorial
Our treasures include novelty buttons and beads, fabric patches, painted wooden shapes, foam shapes, large sequins, a rock, shell and a small shoe or two. Vary your treasures according to the age of your child, the smaller treasures are the trickiest to find (in fact, adult friends have struggled to find that tiny silver butterfly you can see in the top left).

Childhood 101 | DIY Peekaboo Travel Game Tutorial
Then I cut two squares of felt, 1/2cm larger than the plastic pocket and I cut a large viewing circle from one of these pieces. I sandwiched the plastic pocket between the two felt pieces and using a couple of rounds of zig zag stitch around the outside, machined it all together.

Childhood 101 | DIY Peekaboo Travel Game

Simple and fun, our peek-a-boo game is great for travelling or as a game for waiting at the doctors or a restaurant and here are three suggestions for ways of playing with it;
  • Be sure to photograph your treasures before you sew them into the bag. Print out the photo and laminate it and then have your child cross off each item as they find it with a whiteboard marker.
  • Ask your child to find something according to a specified criteria – a colour, shape, function, type of item, a beginning sound. Start out with a clue like, “Can you find something blue?” or “Can you find an insect?” or “Can you find something that you might wear on your body?” or “Can you find something beginning with t?”
  • Set your child the challenge of finding a certain number of similar items, for example, “Can you find five yellow things?”

If you are looking for more inspiration and practical ideas for travelling with kids as we head into school holidays and summer vacation time, be sure to check out my Road Tripping & Family Travel board on Pinterest.


  1. great idea. Never would have thought you could sew plastic. Did you use a special needle with your machine or just the standard one.

  2. Taylor Made says:

    These a great I have made some myself and everyone is a different set of fun. Have a great holiday.

  3. katepickle says:

    oh this is a great idea…. I have some of those bags stashed away around here somewhere too… and you are giving me ideas! LOL
    Have a fab trip!

  4. oo brilliant.. I was going to make an ispy bottle but I haven't found one with a big enough opening. I do however have some of those bags your talking about!

  5. Jackie H. says:

    I saw something similar that was commercially made. They were bags for each letter and the objects inside started with the letter that was featured. So the b bag might have a small boat, a tiny banana, etc. I looked them up and they were over one hundred dollars a set. I can't wait to use this idea to create my own!!! Yeah!!!

  6. What a great idea! I something like this once in a plastic bottle with sand and picture erasers. On the outside of the bottle I taped a list of things to find. I like your method better though, because nothing can escape. I'm constantly worried that the glue will crack and the lid will come off the bottle. Nice work!

  7. Ms. Erin's HeartRoom says:


  8. WOW I love this idea Christie, well done yet again!
    What else could you use if you didn’t have the plastic bag from blankets?
    Enjoy your well earned break.

    1. I think those thick, clear plastic bags come on a range of household items but I am not sure what you could use as an alternative. I will let you know if I have a moment of brilliance and come up with an idea 🙂

      1. Could you use some clear vinyl/table cloth plastic?
        Also what needle and thread did you use?

  9. This is a great idea! You have so many great ideas I now have to find enough time to get them done. I’m soooo excited!!!


  10. I see how you sewed the edges of the felt and plastic all together, but what about the center where the hole is? How did you get that to stay down? Thanks 🙂

  11. I have been making these for years and using them to play memory games – I love your idea of the plastic bag a lot easier than sewing the plastic window into the bag as I have been doing Thanks for sharing

  12. Awesome! I’ll have to give it a go. I keep those thick plastic bags but have never had a purpose for them.. until now. yay. Thanks 🙂

    1. I keep crazy things like thick plastic bags all the time! You can’t half tell we’re teachers 🙂

  13. They are awesome, I would love to make one…. but actually I will harass a family member to make one for me because sewing machines cry out in fear when I go near them. 🙂

    1. I am actually a terrible seamstress, Ali, as I am way too impatient! But I can master simple projects as long as they only involve straight lines 🙂

  14. If you don’t have the plastic bags, you can buy clear plastic tablecloth material from places like Spotlight or Bunnings. It comes in different thicknesses and is quite cheap. 🙂

  15. Good idea i’m going to visit my nieces my one year old niece would love this.

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