DIY Mini Christmas Card Journals

My girls are obsessed with writing and drawing in cute notebooks and journals and these mini journals made from Christmas cards certainly fit the bill. Which got me thinking – why give just a Christmas card when you can gift a Christmas Card Journal?!! 🙂 These would certainly make a lovely gift for tweens to share with friends, or as a recycled Christmas card craft once your family card display comes down. DIY Mini Notebooks from Christmas Cards

Mini Christmas Card Journals

DIY Mini Notebooks from Christmas Cards

You will need:

  • Christmas cards, one per journal
  • Paper: we used an assortment of regular, white printer paper, coloured printer paper and patterned scrapbooking sheets
  • Scissors, lead pencil, ruler
  • Sewing needle
  • Embroidery thread
  • Sewing pin

To make:

1. Choose a card. Grab your paper inserts and trim so they are slightly smaller than the Christmas card, about 1/2cm shorter on all sides. Fold inserts in half.

DIY Mini Notebooks from Christmas Cards

2. Thread the needle with the embroidery floss. Line up the paper inserts inside the spine of the card. Stitch the paper to the card using a simple running stitch along the spine. We found sewing through the bulk of pages was easier when we first pierced a series of holes through the paper and card (following the spine) with the sewing pin (which was sharper than our needle). The holes become the guide for your stitches.

3. Tie your thread off with a little knot inside the card and behind the last page. Done!

DIY Mini Notebooks from Christmas Cards

Now you’re ready to write! Or share!

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