Easy DIY Christmas Card

This has to be the simplest DIY Christmas card idea there is, which is why I love it! Miss eight can easily sit and make a whole collection of these in one sitting, making it an easy Christmas craft for kids too. And it’s versatile – you can easily swap out the oversized gemstones for buttons, giant sequins or shapes cut from Christmas paper.

Easy DIY Christmas Card Craft

You will need:

  • Cardstock, folded in half
  • Oversized gemstones, giant sequins or buttons in Christmas colours
  • White PVA craft glue
  • Permanent, fineline marker

Easy DIY Christmas Card Craft

To make:

1. Arrange your gemstones onto the front of the card and glue into place (we orientated our card so that the folded edge was at the top)

2. Draw a string from the top fold down to each gem. Draw bows.

3. Optional: If you’re good at calligraphy or have a mini alphabet stamp kit, add a greeting to the front of your card.


  1. Hi! Very nice to meet you on-line. I’m very interested in possibly purchasing some of your magazines for the infants thru 5y.o.’s. I work at the Hingham Recreational Dept. In Hingham, MA. Myself and others that help take care of the children, teach thru play and at the same time teach them manners in a fun way. Very fulfilling for me. This has taken me to be a nanny and sit for some of the moms. I also do a variety of crafts with the kids so any extra advice or suggestions to further my love of taking care of them all.

  2. Don’t the “gems” get squished/flattened in the mail?

    1. I believe the gems she’s using are acrylic; they’re quite hard, so they won’t be squished at all….there are many cards at Christmas that are bulky, yet make it through the mail system.
      I absolutely love this idea…simple, easy, and elegant! I will be making this for close friends!
      Thank you!! 🙂

  3. Anonamyous says:

    Wonderful idea but what do you write or draw inside the card

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