Fine Motor Fun for Bigger Kids: Ribbon Weaving

When I asked Immy which project in the latest issue of BIG Kids magazine she was most inspired by, the woven Fibonacci Wheel was a clear favourite, she really wanted to give weaving on a circular loom a go.

Big kids Magazine

Over the next few days it was in the back of my mind to find something suitable to use as a loom and when pottering in my study I came upon a small embroidery hoop that we weren’t using and thought that it might just make a great base for some weaving.

Fine motor skills for school aged kids: Weaving via Childhood 101

I tied four pieces of wool across the hoop and then added an extra length so that we had an uneven number of warp threads (you’ll find more detailed instructions and heaps more inspiring projects for creative kids in the magazine).

Fine motor activities for bigger kids: Weaving

I let Immy choose which textile she wanted to weave with and she headed straight for our ribbon box, carefully choosing lengths of ribbon to represent the colours of the rainbow. You could of course use wool, rope, long grasses or thin strips of fabric. Starting off with red, she was off and racing, starting at the centre and weaving over and under the warp threads, getting those fingers and brain working. Being a small hoop, the project was quick to make up and looks lovely finished.

Fine motor activities for school kids: Weaving

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