Magical Glitter Sensory Jar: Unicorn Kisses, Mermaid Tears or Celestial Supernova

My imaginative kids have always been captivated by the magical and mythical – unicorns, mermaids, fairies, dragons – if you can imagine it we’ve likely read about it, drawn it and played pretend as it! They also both love sensory play. This magical, glittery sensory jar marries both of these obsessions. It can represent so many things – unicorn kisses, mermaid tears, fairy dust, even a peek into an intergalactic supernova!

Magical Glitter Sensory Bottle

Inviting children to make their own would be a great birthday or sleepover party activity, especially for primary/elementary aged children. It’s not difficult to do and only requires a few simple craft materials.

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Glitter Unicorn Dreams Sensory Bottle

How to Make a Magical Glitter Sensory Jar

You will need:


1. Fill a small cup with water.

2. Add several drops of one colour of acrylic paint to each cup of water and stir, repeat with remaining colours and cups. This jar uses purple, pink and blue.

3. Fill the mason jar a third full of cotton balls. As you add the cotton balls, gently pull them apart to fluff them up.

4. Sprinkle glitter and star confetti onto this first layer of cotton balls.

5. Carefully pour the first cup of paint water on the cotton balls – we started with purple.

How to Make a Galaxy Glitter Sensory Jar

6. Add another layer of fluffed cotton balls to the jar, this time until the jar is two thirds full.

7. Sprinkle on more glitter and star confetti.

8. Pour the next cup of paint water carefully onto the cotton balls (we added pink next).

9. Fill the jar to the top with fluffed up cotton balls.

10. Add more glitter and star confetti to the cotton balls.

11. Pour the third cup of paint water onto the cotton balls (this was our blue layer).

Glitter Sensory Bottle

12. Secure the lid tightly and enjoy! What will your magical jar represent?

Galaxy Sensory Bottle
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