Holiday Decorating with Kids: Sequinned Christmas Trees

We have built up quite a collection of colourful sequins left over from creative projects, in all manner of shapes and sizes, so when I came across some tall, polystyrene cones recently I was reminded of our sequinned Christmas ornaments and thought they would be easily transformed into a wonderful Christmas tree-shaped table decoration. This technique of using sequins and short pins is wonderful for developing the fine motor skills of preschoolers and bigger kids and Immy had a fabulous time decorating these ‘trees.’

Sequinned Christmas Trees

You will need:

  • 1 Polystyrene cone for each tree
  • Child friendly acrylic paint
  • Sequins in a variety of shapes and sizes
  • Small plastic pins or short dressmaking pins with a round head
  • Optional: glitter tape or colourful washi tape

Sequinned Christmas Tree Decoration via Childhood 101

To make:

1. Paint the cones with the acrylic paint and allow to dry.

Christmas Ideas - Sequinned Trees via Childhood 101

2. Wrap lengths of glitter tape around the cone to represent tinsel (I found this sequin-like tape in the scrapbooking section of Big W but you could also use glitter scrapbooking tape or colourful washi tape, or leave the tape off all together).

Christmas Ideas - Sequinned Tree Decorations via Childhood 101

3. To hang ornaments on your tree, push a pin through the hole in the sequin and then press into the polystyrene.

Christmas Ideas - Tree Table Decorations via Childhood 101

4. Have fun covering the tree with colourful, sequin ornaments.

Sequinned Christmas Tree Decorations via Childhood 101

Do you have a collection of sequins left over from creative projects? How do you plan to use them?

More festive fine motor fun…


  1. I love your trees! I had just bought the same styrofoam trees, push pins, and sequins from Michaels craft store last week and had the same idea for my girl. Great blogger minds think alike, I tell ya! 🙂 Forgive me for posting almost the same craft idea soon on my site! LOL

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