How to Play Hopscotch

Get moving with this classic game with our simple instructions for how to play hopscotch! Includes fun variations, including speed hopscotch that older players are sure to love.

How to Play Hopscotch

How to Play Hopscotch

Number of players: 1+

Recommended Age: 4+ years

Equipment needed: A marked grid on hard ground (more details below) and a small marker

How to play Hopscotch:

Draw a hopscotch grid on the ground with pavement chalk. Number the squares. The number of squares will depend upon the design of your hopscotch grids – there are a few different variations but each is a combination of single and doubled squares like the one below.

Variation: If playing indoors, use masking tape to create the hopscotch grid onto a hard floor. Use a pair of socks as a marker.

How to play hopscotch rules for play with playground variations

The first player throws a small stone as a marker onto square one.

The player then hops through the squares, skipping the square that the marker is on. Hop on the single squares and jump/land with two feet (one per square) into the double squares – unless the marker is in one of them.

Turn and hop back, picking up the marker on your way.

Pass the marker to the next player for their turn.

On each subsequent turn, throw the marker into the next numbered square along.

A player misses a turn if;

  • they fail to throw the marker into the square they are playing or
  • if they do not hop through the grid correctly or
  • if they hop on a line or
  • if they forget to skip hopping in the square that the marker is in
  • or if they forget to collect their marker on their return.

Hopscotch Variations for Play

Time It! Agree a time, say 30 seconds, for each player to complete the course. This adds an additional layer of challenge to the game.

Mix Up the Grid: Make up your own hopscotch grid design using different combinations of single and double squares, or different shapes. You could even try a spiral grid!

Add Movement: Add an additional movement to some squares. For example, the player must reach down and touch the ground, spin around in a square or turn around and hop backwards.

Speed Hopscotch: Turn hopscotch into a team game with two hopscotch grids and a game of Speed Hopscotch!

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