Journey Through a Pregnancy: Week 27

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Many people were surprised that we didn’t tell Immy I was pregnant until I was 20 weeks. Given our recent history, we wanted to be as sure as we could be that this baby was going to be okay before we shared the news with her (don’t get me wrong, I know there are no guarantees at any stage). At the time friends asked, “Hasn’t she notice you are getting…rounder?” I can’t explain why she didn’t say anything about that, except that she hasn’t spent a lot of time with other pregnant people, and that the members of our own extended family and friends group all come in different shapes and sizes!

When it did come time to tell her, we used picture books to help share the news (yep, just like I did for starting school). Some of the titles mentioned below I knew from my teaching days and others were recommended to me by two blogging friends, Kate of Picklebums and Nicole of Planning With Kids. Some of these I purchased and others we have borrowed from the library;

There's a house inside my my mummy review
There’s A House Inside My Mummy by Giles Andreae. The Watts Publishing Group, 2002.

“There’s a house inside my Mummy
Where my little brother grows,
Or maybe it’s my little sister
No one really knows.”

I love how There’s A House Inside My Mummy explores everything from pregnancy cravings and mummy’s tiredness, to talking to baby in utero and feeling baby kick, positively and in simple but engaging rhyme. I first discovered this book when I was teaching and it was the first book I thought of when we were preparing to share our news with Immy.

Hey Hippopotamus, Do Babies Eat Cake Too? by Hazel Edwards. Puffin, 2007.
Immy has enjoyed a number of Hazel Edwards’ other hippopotamus stories and this title follows a similar format with a style that will be instantly familiar with fans of Hazel’s hippo 🙂

“I’ve got a daddy and a big brother, but we haven’t had a baby before.
So I told my hippopotamus who lives on the roof and eats cake.
He knows everything about babies.”

It's quacking time review
It’s Quacking Time! by Martin Waddell. Walker Books, 2005.
I love Martin Waddell books and this one was on Immy’s favourite library book list long before another baby was even a possibility in our lives 🙂  At that time I wrote;

“Duckling is surprised to learn that their is a baby inside the egg which his mother has just laid and that he himself came out of an egg!  The endearing interactions with other family members about this new baby make this a lovely story of its own and would also make a very nice way of talking to your child when expecting a new sibling.”

We’ve borrowed it from the library again and it is still a hit. It really is a lovely, positive story about being excited about a new family member.

za zas baby brother
Za-Za’s Baby Brother by Lucy Cousins. Candlewick Press, 1997.
Za-Za faces a lot of changes in his home and family when his baby brother is born. His mama is tired, everyone is busy and their visitors are all enamored by the new baby. This book explores many of the common challenges facing families with a new baby and can be used as a starting point for discussing, especially with preschoolers, that sometimes it might take a little longer for everyone’s needs to be met with a new baby in the house.

the family book review
The Family Book by Todd Parr. Little Brown Books for Young Readers, 2003.
Although not specifically a new baby book, The Family Book has been good for talking to Immy as a preschooler about the upcoming change to our family. It celebrates the fact that families come in all shapes and sizes, and that every family is unique and special, with simple text and bright colourful illustrations of both human and animal families.

As for some of the other titles that my friends suggested…Kate’s list also included;

  • Hello Baby! by Jenni Overend. Francis Lincoln Children’s Books, 2008.
  • My Brother Jimi Jazz by Chrissy Butler.

And Nicole’s list also included;

  • Brand New Baby by Bob Graham. Walker Books, 2008.
  • I Want a Sister by Tony Ross. Anderson Press, 2010.

Do you have any picture book recommendations for sharing with siblings that a new baby is on the way?

Catch up on our journey so far;


  1. whats inside your tummy mummy? by Abby Cocovini

  2. Marni Telford says:

    We have a bub due in March and have “There’s a House Inside Mummy” and my favourite line is “Daddy says I have to be patient because the door is tight” 😉

  3. Such a lovely picture, Christie. I’m glad you’re doing so well.

    ‘House inside mummy’ freaked Maxi and Cappers out no end when the Badoo was due. I think they thought I was going to grow to the size of the house. It was all very funny, but I don’t think they thought so. x

  4. “My new baby” and “waiting for baby” illustrated by Annie Kubler. These have no words, just pictures which let you tell your own story and focus on the messages that are important to you. We found it especially useful to prepare our daughter for the logistics of when we went to the hospital as there is a picture of grandparents coming over as mum and dad leave. My daughter also insisted on buying baby a white rabbit for a present to give in hospital like the child in the book did.

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  6. Veronica @ Mixed Gems says:

    My little girl loved House Inside my Mummy but also We have a Baby by Catheyn Falwell and I’m a Big Sister by Joanna Cole. She kept asking me to read them. She didn’t notice my baby bump either. I was about 28 weeks before we explained it to her.

  7. Sarah@Mum's gone 2 Aus says:

    Like Tania we had “My New Baby” illustrated by Annie Kubler and liked the fact that there are no words so you can talk about the pictures and focus on something different each time you pick it up. Also interesting to hear Dad vs Mum’s version of events!

  8. Hi Christie, a great post. House Inside my Mummy was very popular when I was pregnant with my second little boy. I loved it, as did my husband. I thought we’d get to use it again, but alas we’re sticking with two. Don’t think we could survive the sleep deprivation again! Lovely to meet you by the way.

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