1. Your bump looks like mine with my second, which I thought would be a boy. He was a she (we tried to find out but was positioned funny both ultrasounds). I carried high and round with my first and lower yet still round with my second, both were girls. I carried differently and had different pregnancies as well. But my mom says its all in the rear. If you your bottom gets significantly larger you are having a boy if not a girl. Her theory is pretty accurate as she’s been wrong twice.

  2. I think it is a boy. I just had one and my belly’s shape is like yours, protruding to the front mostly

  3. Research has shown that bump shape and gender are unrelated (sorry for being such a party pooper). HOWEVER, there is a link between lots of throwing up and having a girl. It is not always a girl if you are sick a lot, but it is more often a girl.

  4. Ahhh, I wondered whether you had told Immy or not! Good idea not to if you are wanting to keep Baby a secret 😉

    I have no idea what you are having but I do know you look fabulous! I think I carried similiarly with both of our girls, big round bumps 🙂

  5. traceyb65 says:

    was told categorically my first bump was a girl … shape, ring test, prophetic dreams, etc. ultrasound was inconclusive as our reticent bub had its hands in the way (should have guessed from that!). I somehow sensed they were all wrong, and welcomed my son into the world. good luck with your bump! xt

  6. Your bump looks a lot like mine, the Greek women at work tell me that according to Greek reckoning I’m having a boy. They’re convinced! Another friend of my husband tells us he has 100% accuracy in guessing and he thinks it’s a girl. One of my students has started buying me pink things, she’s so convinced it will be a girl. Who knows?! You look lovely, by the way.

  7. I have 6 children. 3 boys and 3 girls. They have all been different. I have noticed that I was sick more with my boys. Good luck! I hope you have a healthy baby 🙂

  8. Margaret Elvis says:

    A girl……that’s my guess. I carried your mum very low and your uncle very high up under my ribs and that’s the only thing I can go by. Just a perfect baby is what we’d all like which will be loved just as much whether a girl or…a boy!!! Glad you are doing well and also having the baby so close to where we live we will be able to visit you this time. You were so far away in Sydney when you had Immy. Have you tried the trick of a wedding ring on a piece of cotton held over your stomach? If it swings from side to side it is a boy and if the ring goes in a circle it is a girl. As you know the sex of this bub you could try out the old wive’s test and see if it really works. All the best. xxx

  9. a boy ….l’m guessing as its more like a basketball shape all in the front. A mum of 6. 3 girls & 3 boys. Good luck not long now till you meet your little precious bundle

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