Living Your Best Family Life: Let’s Get Specific

One thing I have learnt from successfully growing the blog is that it is important  to be specific about what you want to achieve and to take a moment to write your goals down. Whether it be with good old pen and paper or as a note or document on your preferred e-device, it’s an important step in helping to clarify what you are hoping to change – in this case, what you want to create more time for.

I am doing exactly the same thing. My goals fit into four areas – Family, Health, Home and Work. I don’t want to overwhelm myself (after all, this is about living our best life not creating more stress) so I am limiting myself to a maximum of one or two achievable goals for each of these areas. These will then form a guide for my plan of attack and a filter for my decision making about how I choose to spend my time

What do you want to create more time for? What is important for you to change?

Feel free to share your goals in the comments below (I will do the same) or on the Childhood 101 Facebook page.

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  1. So here are mine, still as broad brush strokes as I know they will become more clearly defined through the next few weeks;
    Family –
    Prioritise and plan for family time
    Make more time to play
    Home –
    List and prioritise all renovation tasks. Create budget and long term plan.
    Schedule spring clean and declutter
    Health –
    Exercise once a week
    Prioritise eating well as a family
    Work –
    Schedule dedicated work times. Limit e-devices at all other times.

  2. I have so many ideas and plans running around in my head, actually writing them down is great, it gives clarity to the important ones and frees up mind space to concentrate on achieving them!
    Family – always ensure I give playtime to my little boy, be mindful when I am talking to him, ensuring weekly family time
    Home – don’t worry so much about being perfect, clean when I can
    Health – be realistic about goals and realise that it is ok so sit and relax rather than try to maintain my pre-baby fitness. Be kind to my body and mind.
    Work – pursue my writing goals. Maintain my blog at least once a week (Being Mum and other stories). Sign up for my Masters study. Be objective about returning to work 2 days a week, it will be some extra money.

  3. I started setting monthly goals a few years ago, and it made a world of difference. Every year I set categories I want to focus on – for 2012 I have health, education, gratitude, and peace.

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