Add More Fun to the Mundane: Organise a Mamabake

Adding Fun to Your Everyday: Organise a Mamabake

What do you get when you combine seven big kids, a toddler or two, two bubbas, five mamas, five hours, three rounds of cuppas and a heap of groceries? Twenty five containers full of delicious, home cooked meals ready for the freezer!

This week I hosted my first Mamabake as part of my plan to make more time for our family. With witching hour being my least favourite part of the day and my general lack of enthusiasm for cooking, I thought a mamabake would be the perfect way to put two of my ideas for making more time into action – including the kids and making it fun. I invited four mama friends around and our kids had a fabulous time running around and playing together while the mamas chatted, drank tea and cooked. It was a lot like a play date but with a bonus at the end – five nights off from the kitchen!

At one stage, as I purveyed the momentary chaos that was my kitchen, I thought about he African proverb, It takes a village to raise a child. Not only did we cook together, we helped to care for each others babies and children, shared stories and advice, joked and laughed and learnt more about each other. A modern day equivalent of the village.

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Here are a few tips for mamabaking based on our experience this week;

  • Talk beforehand about any food allergies or intolerances that you might need to take into consideration when planning what to cook.
  • One pot meals that can be easily doubled/tripled/quadrupled seem to work best. Cooking in a big batch can take some getting used to but the Mamabake website includes recipes and resources to help you work it all out.
  • Cooking takes time, especially when you are sharing a kitchen space and equipment, so be sure to allow yourself a good block of time.
  • As well as the stove top, we used two electric frypans and a slow cooker to cook our meals.
  • Bring along a knife, chopping board and big pot as well as your ingredients.
  • Plan what food you will need for the actual cook up day as well – morning/afternoon tea and lunch for both the kids and the mamas.
  • Remember to pack containers to take food home in. One of our mamas suggested using the extra deep Chinese style takeaway containers which worked really well.

Mamabaking – would you?

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  1. Shae from Free Range in Suburbia just told me about this recently. I would totally Mamabake, it’s a fabulous idea. In North America there are businesses set up to do this. I like the idea of getting a group of friends together instead 🙂

  2. Lisa Off the Couch Kids says:

    Love the idea of Mamabake!

  3. Have been looking for fellow Mamabakers here in Perth for a while now! None of my friends are keen to try it though. Have put the word out via our Neighbourhood Centre’s newsletter now and am hoping for some feedback. I think it’s the best thing!

  4. Brilliant. I need to do this as I abhor the hour before dinner when i have to figure out what to make!

  5. Such a fabulous idea! I need to get onto this before Bubs#2 arrives in Jan 🙂

    1. It really was great, Sam. Would be perfect for stoking the freezer before a new bub arrives 🙂

  6. Brilliant idea!

  7. Martina would you happen to live in Wellard??

  8. Melitsa @ Raising Playful Tots says:

    Write on the outside of the freezer dish! The photo was first tip and love it. Easy and I didn’t do it. No more mystery food 🙂

  9. I so want to do a Mama Bake but my girls wont eat food that touches. Still be great fun to try it for meals for husband and I.

  10. Every two weeks I do a 14+ meal cook for my family & my parents. I take one day & because I’m so used to it, it no longer takes all day! I cook 14 different meals many with extras for lunches, I also make breakfasts & lunches. It gives a wide variety to the two weeks ahead. I literally do it ALL in one day, the hopping, prep, cooking & my hubby cleans up! That means all I have to do each day is reheat a meal on the stove or in the oven! (Don’t use a microwave!) I’ve thought about getting friends involved but two big things stop me: our insanely long list of severe, anaphylactic allergies that REALLY REALLY REALLY restrict what can be brought in the house, let alone used & my autistic daughter who struggles with other people being around, loud noises, extended times with other kids, over stimulation, needed her scheduled one on one time with mama at the same times every day (her list goes n and on and on!) I loved your post though! Sounds like everyone had a real blast! Hope you enjoyed your time off from the kitchen! I know I do 🙂 I love the extra family time & time to focus on other needs!

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