Exploring More in Nature’s Playground: At the Beach

Nature play at the beach

This morning dawned sunny (but cool). As we started our morning routine of breakfasting and getting dressed, I was thinking about what we should go out and do. I wanted to take Immy out but not to our local playground of rubber and metal as my head is full of this idea of the natural environment as the best playground for children. Immy had had so much fun yesterday with our spontaneous play in the rain.

Where to go? I wanted to move away from the two nearby lakes which we visit regularly. After ruling out various possibilities I finally decided that we would head down to the beach. Too cool to swim but we could hang out on the sand and make like beachcombers.

So I packed up our usual bag of ‘stuff,’ making sure that I had a change of clothes and a towel just in case Immy decided to paddle in the shallows, and our bucket and spade as last time we were at the beach Immy spent the whole time collecting shells.

And off we went to explore another element of nature’s beautiful playground.

Nature play at the beach

At one stage she went running down the beach after a seagull. As she ran further and further away from me after the seagull, I began to feel a bit anxious about her being so far away. Probably completely unfounded as there was little about to harm her except the waves and they were crashing a little way off shore not on the beach. I needn’t have worried as she turned back to check where I was and then came running back to meet me.

She dug with her spade, and made a wonderful collection of shells, cuttlefish, rocks and seaweed before we headed back up the sand dune, slipping and sliding all the way.

What about you? Have you accepted the challenge and spent time outside in nature’s playground with your child today?

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  1. Looks like you had a lot of fun. Kids love the beach – especially when it is not too hot – and we have such great beaches here in WA (well Aus really).

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