Times Tables Bingo. Free Printable

Games are a fun and valuable way for children to revise and apply math knowledge and skills. This free, printable Times Table Bingo provides a fun way for kids to test their multiplication knowledge, and it is easily adapted for children learning their 2x, 3x, 5x or 10x tables, any combination of the four, or all four at once!

Multiplication Games for Kids: Printable Times Tables Bingo

Printing Your Times Table Bingo


Click here to download: Times Tables Bingo Game . The PDF includes 6 game boards, 4 sets of multiplication cards and a backing sheet for the multiplication cards. Print the game boards and multiplication cards onto matte photo paper or lightweight cardstock. Re-insert the multiplication cards into the printer and print the backing paper on the reverse side of these pages. Cut out the game boards and multiplication cards. Laminate.

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How to Play Times Table Bingo

You will need:

  • A set of printed game boards and multiplication cards
  • Nine tokens for each player – we used Duplo blocks but counters, coins or Lego bricks would work just as well
  • A whiteboard marker

To play:

1. Decide which sets of multiplication cards you will use for your game. You can use just one set (of twos, threes, fives or tens), or two or three sets of your choice, or all four sets. Shuffle the cards that correspond with the sets you have chosen and place the cards in a stack, face down in the centre of the table.

2. Give each player a game board and ask them to choose nine numbers that are multiples of your chosen times tables. Each player writes their selected numbers onto their game board with a white board marker, one numbers in each of the nine squares on the game board.

Multiplication Games for Kids: Printable Times Tables Bingo

3. They youngest player goes first. They begin play by turning over the top multiplication card. Each player who has the number that corresponds to the answer to the multiplication problem shown on the card, covers that number on their game board with a token. For example, if the card reads 3 x 3 =, then any player with the number 9 on their board would cover the 9 with a token.

4. Play continues clockwise around the table.

5. The winner of the game is the first person to cover all of the numbers on their game board.

6. Erase the numbers from the game boards, shuffle the multiplication cards and start another game!


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