Mum 2 Mum: Sick Days


As Naomi shared on Friday, it’s the coughs and colds time of year for many of us. Days home with sick kids can feel very long, especially when Mama also isn’t feeling 100% (and let’s not even talk about the dreaded man flu!)

As I pass the tissues, I would love to hear your tips for surviving days at home with sick kids.

coughs and colds


  1. It’s probably not PC, but we don’t usually watch a lot of movies at home. So I usually take them to the DVD hire place and do one of those weekly deals where they can get quite a few movies and/or shows they don’t usually get to see, like Glee. They each get to choose a couple each. If we’re all sick, Mumma picks one too (a family one though), and we watch them together.

  2. I just try to solider on with lots of hot tea if I am unwell and some good cold and flu meds. The TV/DVD does become a bit of a babysitter but if you are all not well and do not feel like doing anything what else is there to do but snuggle on the couch. I find that life get so busy that snuggle time is nice.

  3. Skippingtail says:

    Currently pulled out the craft box and made a sewing kit for tots (thanks for the idea).
    Normally it’s a case of pull out the puzzles and messy toys and surrender the house to mess until I feel better, if the little one’s ill, it’s cuddles, books and movies.

  4. winniewimp says:

    Hi 🙂 I have always had a lovely patchwork ‘poorly’ blanket. This was special and snuggly and meant the children could sleep and generally rest on the sofa without anyone feeling uncomfortable or being isolated upstairs in a bedroom. Also if they were not prepared to spend their time sleeping, resting or recuperating under the poorly blanket, then I would know that they were either getting better or scamming/pretending to be ill! It kinda helped to set some ground rules of how I wanted them to spend their sick time in a restful, quiet way and they could sleep, read, draw, watch tv all from the poorly blanket/sofa, which would aid recovery and if they were not prepared to spend a day with the sacred poorly blanket Iwould know that they were not really poorly! My kids have got really fond memories of the poorly blanket now as adults. We also used it when they got upset too. For example when a much loved pet died we would all sit under it with hot chocolate, a tissue box and lots of hugs and sharing of the good memories of the much loved pet. It was also good to sit under and share upsets such as school worries, friend fall outs and generally anything that was worrying or upsetting. Thank goodness for the poorly blanket and hot choc! 🙂

    1. I’m also loving your idea of a poorly blanket. Gotta make one of those for us too!

  5. I need a poorly blanket! What a lovely idea Winnie Wimp! My suggestion isnt always practical and depends alot on the degree of sickness but I actually get out of the house. Even if it just means going for a drive so everyone gets a snooze, grab a takeaway coffee for Mum and then find a nice spot with a view where you can pull up in the car and not necessarily have to get out. If I time it right I can get both mine asleep (and if they’re sick they are usually in the edge of sleep anyway) in the car and I get 15 mins reading the paper in the car. There are a few spots in Sydney where you can pull up and watch whales from the car park (with binoculars) like Cape Solander, just south of Botany Bay. Change of scenery can do everyone good if cabin fever has set in.

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