9 Free Online Geography Games for Kids: Learn the World!

Inside: 9 free online geography games for kids. Great for school and home.

Ready to test your knowledge of Planet Earth and have a heap of fun in the process? The interactive games on these websites will make students forget they are learning! Better yet – they are all totally free and suitable for all ages. But watch out…they can be a little addictive!

Free online geography games for kids. Great for elementary/primary and middle school students.

9 Free Online Geography Games for Kids

Geography games for kids

1. World Geography Games
Colourful and user-friendly, the more than 50 games on this site are categorised, so it’s easy to quickly find a game to test yourself on any topic: continents, layers of the earth, oceans, countries, flags, islands, volcanoes, and more. Parents and teachers will appreciate the rich content on this site, as well as the quality of the maps and diagrams. Additional facts and details appear after each correct response within a game. Click on the correct layer of the earth, for example, and be rewarded with a complete description and details about that layer. This is one to bookmark as a favourite!

2. Lizard Point Geography Quizzes
A fantastic resource for teachers, students, and kids of all ages, the drop-down menus on this site lead to over 200 map quizzes that will test your knowledge of the world. Each clickable map offers options for practice and study, so kids learn quickly how to “level up” as they attempt to master the quizzes. Students who register on the site can keep track of their progress, engage in the community, and earn stamps for achieving mastery.

3. Ducksters Geography Games
Tired of quizzes? On this site, you can test your geography knowledge by solving crossword puzzles, completing word searches, and even playing Geography Hangman. The colourful and interactive games reinforce learning of countries, capital cities, and world flags. A real bonus is that as you play each game, a list of the specific items answered correctly and incorrectly is created, making it a helpful study aid for students.

Free geography games for kids

4. Seterra
Don’t miss all that this site has to offer! There are dozens of geography quiz topics and the games are user-friendly and fun, but there is much more. Embedded in the site is a science and geography channel that features short but fascinating videos about the world. Click on the blog for helpful learning tips, such as a mnemonic device for learning the countries of Europe. Also, when playing the games, be sure not to overlook the game mode options that appear at the bottom of each quiz. Choose how to respond (label, pin or type), and select voice to hear a narrator pronounce names and labels.

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Online geography games for kids

5. GeoNet
This is one of the few online games that incorporates the three main branches of geography: human, physical and environmental. The animation and simple design of this game appeal to younger players, but there is plenty of challenge for older students and adults! Options allow players to choose varying levels of play and content from six different geographical categories.

6. GeoGuessr
This is a very different kind of geography learning game! As the player, you are given the Google Street View of a random location and challenged to look for clues that might help you determine where you are. Using the directional arrow tools, you can change your perspective to gather evidence from everything within a 360° view: road signs, vegetation, landmarks, and structures. Make a guess by pinning a location on a world map, and you will find out how close your guess is to the correct location. The challenges in this game appeal to students ages ten and up.

7. Where on Google Earth is Carmen San Diego?
Just launched in March 2019, this Google version retains much of the look and design of the original game, first released in 1985. The goal is to catch Carmen San Diego, international thief and criminal mastermind, using clues to track her whereabouts. In this new online game, Google Earth technology enhances the player’s experience. You almost feel as if you’re jet setting around the world in pursuit of Carmen and her crew of vile operatives! This game is edutainment that has survived the test of time.

Online free geography games

8. Zoomtastic
You have just 30 seconds to identify the country in this game! A satellite image with a “zoomed-in” map appears on the screen. As it slowly zooms out, once every three seconds, additional information comes into view, such as the name of a river or town. After 10 seconds, you are given four possible choices from which to choose the correct answer. The novelty of this game draws you in, and it’s a fun way to learn more about the world’s countries, physical features and bodies of water!

9. Triviaplaza
The list of quiz topics on this site is impressive and includes world languages, currencies, landmarks – even airport codes! Each quiz is straightforward and simply designed so that players get immediate feedback as they play. Unique quizzes offer challenges not found on other sites such as “Name the City Square” and “Same Name City Pairs.” This site lives up to its name, presenting novel and surprising information about the world in an engaging format.

There you have it – the world at your fingertips!

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Free online geography games for kids. Great for elementary/primary and middle school students.