Our Play Space: Creating and Learning All-in-one

A peek inside a reader’s play space…
This space used to be littered with the latest toys. My 4 year old and 2 year old had a hard time keeping it picked up. We soon realized it was because they were overwhelmed by all the toys, so we simplified the space. They have a desk for writing, a bookcase filled with all their favorite books, and two small tables for them to create at (the art supplies are in an easy to access common area).

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They really enjoy having their artwork displayed on the walls, their own personal art gallery. It’s a bright, inviting, little room for them to go to when they’re feeling inspired. It’s where we spend the majority of our time indoors.

With thanks to Aleacia of Dilly-Dali Art – personally, I love the wall of artwork!

Do you have a family or kids play space in your home that you love (indoors or outdoors)? Submit your play space here and you too could be featured on Childhood 101.

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  1. What do you recommend to use on the walls to hold up all the artwork?

  2. Staple gun??? You’re brave :)) In my classroom I either use rolled tape or my magnetic wall (which I LOVE!!)

  3. Les @ LPN Programs says:

    Envy! Love what you did with the room! Very, very conducive for learning / working / playing. The light coming in is just right and everything looks so organized. And, of course, the artwork — just great!

    Ours looks gloomy (despite the colorful walls) because sunlight never reaches the room. Have to find a way to make it more “lively” (for lack of a better term). Will follow suit, have to declutter toys too. Thanks thanks for this!

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