Our Play Space: Home is where the play is…

A peek inside a reader’s play space…

I live with my husband and our two year old daughter, Charlotte, in Adelaide, Austalia. We have one shared living space, so our play room is also our lounge and dining room. We have created little nooks and hidey holes for Charlotte to play, read and create. There are also a couple of larger floor spaces for puzzles, dancing, running, obstacle courses, riding bikes and pushing prams and trolleys. We rotate the toys regularly to keep things interesting.

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One of Charlotte’s favourite spaces is between the back of the couch and the full length windows. She drags little books, trinkets, teddies and pillows there to have her own little private play space. She calls it her “home”. Charlotte also loves her craft corner, and calls her drawers “Doodle Drawers” just like Mister Maker on TV.

Thank you to Kylie of Octavia and Vicky for sharing a peek inside Charlotte’s play space, it is always useful to see how others integrate space for play into their living space.

Do you have a family or kids play space in your home that you love (indoors or outdoors)? Submit your play space here and you too could be featured on Childhood 101.

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  1. Gorgeous. I love peeking inside other play spaces. Inspiring! x

  2. We have the same Ikea kiddy table & chairs, but in blue. They’ve been so great. I did a double-take when I saw that photo though. I’m sure your daughter is not a harlot! 😉

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