Our Play Space: Our Sunny Craftroom

A peek inside a reader’s playspace…

Earlier this year we downsized and had to combine our craft room, playroom and school room into one. The children always gravitate towards they sunniest room which in our current house is a sunroom that was added on by the previous owner. The hardest part was organizing all that stuff into a room that was peaceful but fun! We love how it turned out and I even got to incorporated the table I made using an old cattle feed trough and a salvaged table top.

Most of the supplies are stored in an 1890’s baker’s hutch and schoolwork is done on a chalkboard I made using Eucaboard and chalkboard paint, finally tucked in the corner is my industrial size cotton candy maker because after spending the day homeschooling the 4 kids Mommy deserve a special treat. Our room is filled with light and joy and is wonderful space where we create memories.

Thank you to Kate of 4 Swirled Peas for sharing her special family play space with us.

Do you have a family or kids play space in your home that you love (indoors or outdoors)? Submit your play space here and you too could be featured on Childhood 101.

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  1. I love this room, it is so warm and welcoming 🙂

  2. I love love love that table! Beautiful and handmade. Such a beautiful space and so very creative. It’s inspiring me 🙂

  3. Kierna Corr says:

    What a beautiful learning space, lucky children 🙂

  4. Margaret Elvis says:

    Children have so much these days compared with back in the 50s and 60s and even the 70s. We had three bedrooms and a living room so no ‘spare’ space but my two did have a nice cubby house their dad built for them in the back garden. Perhaps we weren’t as imaginative way back then? Not sure but it WAS different and maybe only being about 10 years after the end of WW2 there was so little around in the way of toys etc. I won’t even go back to when I was a youngster and the world was just getting through the years after the Great Depression. I only hope the world is not going to face a disaster like that again in the future. One can only hope.

    1. I agree with you wholeheartedly, Margaret, let’s hope and pray that the world doesn’t face a disaster like the ones you mentioned. I heard a quote (and this is rough, from memory) We study the art of war so that our children may study science; and their children may study Art. (was it Chruchill? I think). grace

      PS What fabulous colours in this room… inspirational

  5. You’ve created an inspirational space for learning and creativity…and even some sunshine daydreaming. Lovely.

  6. I think crafting, playing, and learning go hand in hand! What a FUN and inspiring space.

  7. SquiggleMum says:

    I just *love* the table.

  8. Gorgeous art and learning space! You did a fantastic job of making a room both pleasing to mom and kiddos.

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