Our Play Space: Overlooked Spaces

A peek inside a reader’s play space…

I recently decided to make better use of the main entry to our house for our little guy. It leads directly into another “in-between” space in our house: the area between our family room and kitchen. We hung an acrylic mirror on his level and placed a bin full of assorted old hats next to it, so that he can try them on and see his reflection. I also hung a clear shoe organizer nearby, over the door that leads to our basement. It’s filled with smaller toys and musical instruments that he can easily access (and if there’s music on, watch himself shaking, etc.).

baby play space ideas

At the far end of the thruway area is his kitchen. He likes to cook while we prepare meals. I love that I’m making use of otherwise empty or ignored corners and areas of our home… and he loves the little play stations! I’ve also found that he seems to really appreciate individual items and activities if they are spread out a little and presented with care.

Thank you to Maura for sharing her clever ideas for making the most of overlooked spaces.

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  1. Lovely space, I really like the simplicity of the clear shoe organiser – tidied away but still ‘on show’ for discovery. We’ve got a hanging pocket thing but there is so much decoration on the outside of the pockets that the stuff inside gets overlooked !

  2. VTMamateurs says:

    Old hats and an acrylic mirror- what a wonderful (and inexpensive) way to make sure use of dead space and foster some imagination!

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