12 Playful Games for Active Kids


Wherever in the world you are, and whatever your weather, you’ll find fabulous playful ideas for active kids all around the blogosphere. Here are 12 of my favourites to get you started…

Indoor Active Play Ideas

1. Indoor Obstacle Course : Adventures at Home With Mum

2. Weaving Through a Rainbow : Teach Preschool

3. Soft Toy Toss : Learn with Play at Home

4. Yoga with Kids : Just for Daisy

5. Getting Little Bodies Moving When It’s Too Hot (or Cold) Outdoors : Childhood 101

Outdoor Active Play Ideas

6. Foam Letter Alphabet Hunt : My Little Bookcase

7. Colour Run and Sort : Mummy Musings and Mayhem

8. Getting Outside When It’s Cold : Childhood 101

9. 5 Ways to Use Pool Noodles on Dry Land : Body Smart Blog

10. When Trikes Are Not Enough : I’m a Teacher Get Me Outside Here!

11. Simple Backyard Balloon Toss : A Mom with a Lesson Plan

12. Nature Based Play Ideas for Active Kids : Childhood 101

What active play experiences are your kids loving right now?


  1. Yay, I’m always looking for more ideas for kids to play and learn and be active at the same time! An area I know I need to work on to include more of myself. I appreciate you including the soft toy toss we did.. probably the best use we’ve had for those millions of soft toys so far. lol.

  2. Hi I have some good ideas too…

    Flash Cards
    You can either buy your cards or make them yourself. If you want to make them, find card stock or thick paper or even foam. Write the alphabet on each card using coloured pens and interesting corresponding pictures to go with each letter.

    Hold the cards in your hand and lay them down in order from A to Z on the floor and read through each with your little reader.
    Hold the cards in your hand and in order show one by one and have your little reader read each as they are shown to him or her.
    If you have more than one child, hold the cards in your hand, and slowly turn them around. The first child to have it, gets to keep the cards. At the end of the game the one who has the most cards wins the game.

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  4. I magine that you employed in a school which practice early childhood constructivist model of teaching and learning. The head of this school asks you to prepare indoor play centers for reading

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