Popular Posts of 2011: Talking Parenting

Behaviour, TV time, eating, kid’s making friends, toilet training, child care – these are just some of the parenting topics we discussed here at Childhood 101 in 2011. Parenting can be tough but I love it when readers and Childhood 101 contributors come together to share their thoughts, feelings and ideas as support to each other on this parenting journey.  Some of the hot parenting topics of 2011 were…

parenting issues

Tricia’s post, Installing Speed Bumps to Television Viewing

Tips for Cleaning House With Young Children in Tow

Should I Send My Child to Child Care?

parenting issues

When it comes to eating…

Sarah served up From Fusspot to Foodie

Tricia offered Fun Tips for Encouraging Children to Eat Vegetables

And Naomi discussed Allergies and Intolerances

parenting issues

Play Date Preparation

Kate shared, No One Will Play With Me and Managing Play With Children of Different Ages

10 Baby Play Ideas

Early Learning: Following a Child’s Lead

Parenting Styles: Reactive or Proactive?

Using a Reward Chart as a Positive Parenting Tool

And although not a post from 2011, this one enjoyed a resurgence in popularity this year – Invasion of the Body Snatchers: Dealing with Toddler Tantrums

What parenting topics would you like to see discussed at Childhood 101 in 2012?

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