Printable Cupcake Toppers: Birthday Numbers 1-5

This post is by regular contributor Kate Fairlie of Picklebums.

Do you ever suffer birthday party performance anxiety?

You know… that feeling that your carefully decorated cupcakes will never measure up to the amazingly crafted treats that Sally’s mum bought in to preschool last week.

The days of sticking some smarties on the top of a cake and feeling like the best Mum in the world seem to be long gone. Now it is all about the tea-cup biscuits or cake pops or angry birds masterpieces.

If you are like me and some icing and a few sprinkles is as far as your cake decoration skills stretch then you are in luck because a few sprinkles are all you need when you add these funky number cupcake toppers.

If you know how to work your printer and can cut out a circle (it’s even easier with a large craft circle punch) then your next batch of birthday cupcakes are going to rock!

free printable birthday number cupcake toppers

These birthday number toppers come as one page of each of the numbers 1-5 , with 12 different designs and colours for each number. Just pick the number you need from the list below and print off two copies of the page (so you have one of each for the front and back). Then cut out the circles and glue or tape two of the same design to either side of a toothpick. Press them into your cakes and they’ll be dressed to impress!

free printable birthday number cupcake toppers

Download Number 1 ~ Download Number 2 ~ Download Number 3
Download Number 4 ~ Download Number 5

free printable birthday number cupcake toppers
Do you have any tips or ideas for easy cupcake decorating?


  1. Perfect for the lucky birthday girl (or boy of course!). And fun to do as an afternoon project.

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