Printable Winter Snowflake Memory Matching Game

Looking for a simple game to develop visual memory or visual discrimination skills? Look no further! This Winter Snowflake Memory Matching Game is trickier than many in our matching games collection as players need to be on the lookout for subtle differences between the game cards to find the matching pairs of snowflakes.

Snowflake memory matching game

Snowflake Memory Matching Game

And this set of memory matching cards is free to download, print and play! You can find the link and instructions to download the file at the bottom of this post.

The set includes 24 different snowflake pairs, varying in shape and color – some are more obviously different than others, which is why this is such a great game for developing both visual memory and visual discrimination skills.

What is Visual Memory?

Visual memory has many aspects, including requiring the individual to;

  • register what they have seen,
  • make a decision whether to store the information for later recall, and in this case encoding the data to make it easy to retrieve,
  • or  instead, forgetting what was seen as it has been deemed unimportant,
  • and the ability to reconstruct stored information at a later time as necessary.

Poor visual memory can have a devastating effect on learning. It is a vital component of the development of spelling skills, reading comprehension, mathematical processing, and even the ability to transfer information when note taking from a board or text.

For more about the importance of visual discrimination to learning, please check out the article accompanying our popular Cupcake Memory Matching Game.

How to Play the Snowflake Memory Matching Game

Please note: You will need to print two copies of the cards included in the game download to create sets of matching pairs.

1. Shuffle the cards well and spread them face down across the table.

2. Players take turns to turn over two cards, searching for the matching cupcakes pairs. If the cards selected are a match, the player keeps the matching pair and takes another turn. If they are not the same, the cards are turned back over in the same location and play moves to the next player.

3. Once all cards have been matched, the player with the most matched pairs wins the game.

Snowflake matching game

Printing Your Snowflake Memory Matching Game

Click here to download: Snowflake Memory Matching Game . Save the PDF to your computer. Open the PDF and print the pages you require. You will need to print two copies of the game cards to create sets of matching pairs. This set also includes a backing paper (optional), see the instructions included within the document for further instructions for printing your cards with the backing paper. When printing be sure to select “Fit to printable area” (or similar) to ensure the page fits with your printer type and local paper size. I suggest printing onto card stock or matte photo paper. Laminate the printed cards for durability.

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