Question: How Long is a Roll of Tape?

Answer: Many, many hours of fun!

This roll of masking tape has been providing literally hours of fun on and off for the past week.

Immy has raided our ‘useful box’ and made interesting sculptures;
Healed injured friends;
Dressed all manner of ‘people’ in the latest fashion for any occasion;
Created all sorts of random, interesting but beautiful tape arrangements, like this;
And this;
And, fed the multitudes.

Tape is a fantastic medium for children’s learning and development. For more information about the learning potential of tape, visit Deborah at Teach Preschool for a great post all about tape, including links to a number of really interesting tape projects from preschools around the world.

What have your children been creating this week?

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  1. Teacher Tom says:

    Don't leave me hanging! How long is a roll of tape! I want to know!

  2. Looks like she had plenty of fun and a lot of time wasted

  3. Christie - Childhood 101 says:

    Teacher Tom, value of learning and play with tape – it is immeasurable I fear.

    Amanda, it is never time wasted when it is time spent learning through play and creating

  4. We made easter baskets today – they will be up on my blog on Monday but basically the kids stick stuff on the outside of them covered in sticky-side-out packaging tape – keeps it on really well and inexpensive and a lot less mess than glue!

    PS: Eloise has that Jemima, her first 'dolly'. awww. still going strong 5 years later and like yours, the dungarees are *somewhere* lol

  5. After a term of tape, we are down to our last roll at preschool so watch out – once they get started they just don't stop!

  6. Teacher Tom says:

    I've just ordered another batch of tape! Watch out!

    I guess we're going to actually measure one of them to see how much is in a single roll.

  7. PlanningQueen says:

    We have been making car ramps out of card board boxes this week.

    I love masking tape, it is so much easier for kids to use than sticky tape. I love how Immy made a bandage – will show this to my preschooler!

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