Reflections on Starting Kindergarten…A Month On

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Despite my nerves, from the moment she walked through the door it was like she had been there forever!  As we arrived on day one the teacher even commented that Immy looked particularly confident. As you may know, I was a puddle on the floor all that day!

So one month in, how are we doing?

Immy loves kindy. She gets up and happily moves through our new routine on kindy mornings. She has found her tribe, a small group of children that she plays with, at least as much as four-year-olds play with each other. She worships her teachers and regales us with stories of her day. She gets tired, which is to be expected, and is starving and craving ‘mummy time’ when I pick her up. But overall, I really couldn’t have asked for a better start to her school life.

And as for mama…

It has taken some getting used to the empty seat in the back.  I really do miss my sidekick and our daily adventures.

But I console myself with peaceful trips to cafes to work…

And shopping for a certain four year old’s birthday was much, much easier this year…

And before I know it, it is time to turn around to go and collect her again.

Which really raises the question… how come days with kids at home can seem to drag on so long but the ones when they are not there really fly by much too fast???

We were invited to test drive the Mitsubishi Outlander for a week. Both Dad 101 and I really enjoyed driving it. We don’t claim to be car experts but in particular we noticed;

  • The interior is exceptionally roomy compared to our car (which is a model that would be considered to be in a similar size category to the Outlander). Immy had a lot more room in the back seat and the boot space was huge.
  • The visibility is excellent, with virtually no blind spot.
  • It was quiet and comfortable to drive.
  • The fuel consumption was great.
  • It has USB audio input that I think is just awesome given our rather extensive selection of iDevices!

We sortof, kindof wish we had bought an Outlander now!


  1. enjoy that time by yourself, soon life with be totally crazy !!!
    and I dont think you can ever have too much room inside the car – kid seats take up so much space !!

    1. I am making the most of it, Lauren 🙂 I know I only have (hopefully) another couple of months of time to myself!

  2. This is the future I imagine for myself in about two years when my young man will be at kindy – just a bit more free time to deal with blog, work, shopping and concentrate on the small boy/mama time when he’s home. Glad to hear you are both doing well with it!

    1. There is much to like about it but for me it has taken some getting used to 🙂

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