Rock Painting Ideas for Kids: Emoji Rocks

I have no idea why but my girls are crazy for emoji. Their obsession really seemed to spark when they were recently creating scrapbooks to send home with overseas relatives. As part of the decoration they decided to draw their family members as custom emoji. Since then they’ve gone on to create emoji representing literally everyone we know!

In our corner of the world a little craze that is gaining momentum is painting rocks to hide and seek in parks and playgrounds around the local area. When the girls and I decided that we should give rock painting a go, the vote for painting on our rocks was… you guessed it emoji! So we now have a wonderful collection of emoji decorated rocks to share with our community. Many of the rocks bear more traditional emoji but our favourites would have to be the extra special, custom ones that represent our family and friends.

Rock painting ideas for kids - Emoji Rocks!


If you would like to give rock painting a go – either with or without emoji – here are our tips for creating some fabulously decorated rocks.

First up, the paint. So much easier than paint and a brush, we love these Uni Posca Paint Marker Pens for decorating rocks. They can also be used on plastic, metal, glass, wood and canvas.

Other supplies you’ll need include;

  • Smooth rocks or stones – we used small, unpolished white rocks from a hardware/landscaping store. You can use colored rocks but it is a good ideas to paint a white base on coloured rocks before decorating them.
  • A waterproof finishing spray like this one to protect your completed rocks from the elements (if you plan on hiding them outdoors in your community).

Rock painting ideas for kids - Emoji Rocks!

To decorate emoji rocks;

  1. Rinse your rocks and dry them thoroughly.
  2. Start off by drawing/painting a yellow circle in the center of each rock with a yellow paint pen. You’ll need to give this layer of paint time to dry so you might like to pre-prepare your rocks by drying a series of yellow spots before craft time with the kids begins.
  3. Add emoji facial details with paint pens.
  4. Allow to dry and then spray lightly with waterproof sealer.

Once dry your rocks are ready for hiding in your local community. We’re heading off to a neighbourhood playground to hide ours – though I may not be able to let go of my rainbow, unicorn poop emoji!

Rock painting ideas for kids - Emoji Rocks!

Have you joined the global rock painting hide and seek craze?