Calm Big Emotions With a Scented Rainstick Sensory Bottle

Every now and then I get a crazy idea that I just can’t get out of my head. After the huge interest in our Slow Motion Calm Down Bottle and the Rainstick Sensory Bottle, I got to thinking about which of the five senses are missing out when it comes to these great calm down tools for kids. Sensory or calm down bottles are traditionally a visual tool. In the case of the rainstick bottle, a hearing element is added. But what if we could add the sense of smell too??? After all, many of us already use the huge range of fabulous relaxing essential oils available in our homes.

So this thinking got me to experimenting and the result is a scented rainstick calm down bottle that I hope you’ll love!
Scented Rainstick Calm Down Bottle. Great for calming big emotions.

How to Make a Scented Sensory Bottle

You will need:

  • A plastic bottle – ours was a juice bottle – an individual serve size. Smooth sides are a bonus.
  • Plastic drinking straws – about 12-15 straws for an average juice bottle
  • Scissors
  • A plastic ziploc bag
  • 1 cup of white rice
  • Liquid food colouring or liquid watercolours in your choice of colour
  • Your favourite relaxing essential oil – we chose lavender
  • A dressmaker’s pin
  • Your choice of glue or tape to seal the completed bottle

Here’s how I did it…

My girls couldn’t believe they could smell the lavender when they first tried it 🙂

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  1. Susie Boswell says:

    That is crazy clever! Thank you for the idea!!!

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