Sewing Projects for Kids: Starting Out With Embroidery

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When I was pregnant with AJ, we were very aware of involving Immy in many of the preparations for the new baby’s arrival. One of the ways we did this was inviting Immy to create special artworks to be framed and displayed in the baby’s bedroom, including this wonderful embroidered piece.

Hand sewing projects for kids via Childhood 101

I wrote in detail about creating art with fabric in my book, Time to Create: Hands On Explorations in Process Art for Young Children, and I have shared quite a number of our previous sewing projects here on the blog.

On this occasion, I invited Immy to draw a picture using permanent marker (we used a Sharpies marker) onto a natural hessian/burlap. Hessian has a nice open weave which is helpful for beginning sewers. Immy and I talked about which parts of her drawing she would like to embellish with sequins or beads and she chose which embellishments she wanted to use. I then placed the fabric into an embroidery hoop to hold it steady.

Easy sewing projects for kids via Childhood 101

Immy used a large, blunt nosed metal needle and embroidery thread. I tied the embroidery thread to the needle with a slip knot to help prevent it from slipping out of the needle. I talked Immy through the process of coming up through the back of the fabric with the needle, threading on her sequin (guiding it all the way down to the fabric) and then pushing the needle back down through the fabric alongside where the sequin sat. I really enjoy sitting alongside Immy as she works on these projects, watching her fingers (and mind) work through the process. Once I removed the completed artwork from the hoop, I gave it a press with a warm iron (avoiding the sequinned areas).

Sewing projects for kids via Childhood 101

Framing a child’s completed art not only creates a fabulously unique artwork for your home, it is great for their self esteem too – helping them to see themselves as an artistic person capable of creating interesting and fabulous things.

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and be sure to check out my award winning book, Time to Create, for even more information about sewing with kids.

Time to Create: Hands On Explorations in Process Art for Young Children




  1. That is so cool. We did embroidery with our kids in our art camp even with 4 and 5 yr olds. We actually started by doing it on paper and it became a mixed media project. We then moved on to using the material.

  2. What a clever idea and a beautiful piece of artwork by Immy! That owl is pretty cute too 😉 xx

  3. I love this! And seeing as Miss Daisy has been begging to sew and taken a real interest in sewing with me I think we’ll find some sequins and give this a go! Maybe we could use beads or buttons! I love how it looks displayed in AJ’s room!

    1. We started our own little sewing project on hessian! I posted a pic to your facebook page! It’s so easy with the hessian and my 3.5 yo has taken to it immediately! 🙂 Thanks again!

  4. Would this be a great project for four year olds was thinking of trying this at work. I know not every child would be interested but I’m sure some will be. I did a necklace making activity one time where the children threaded beads through a plastic string and they loved it. Thought this sewing project would be a nice sustained interest for them also.

    1. I have done simple embroidery with 4-5 year olds, so most definitely. Have fun!

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