Simple Family Dinners: Chicken Burrito Recipe


This recipe is a hit in our family for many reasons…

  1. It’s yummy.
  2. It’s so quick to make.
  3. It’s easy to make ahead and reheat following after school dance class (or whatever other activity your children are involved in).
  4. My daughter is involved in putting her own dish together at the table, it’s a winner for getting fidgety kids to stay sitting at the table.
  5. It’s easy to vary depending upon your family’s taste preferences…and what’s in the pantry or fridge.


Hints and tips:

  • I use this same recipe for a beef burrito version – substituting the chicken for beef mince (ground beef) and the stock for beef stock.
  • If I am preparing the meat early in the day for that evening, I take it off the heat before the liquid fully reduces so that when I reheat it on the stove it doesn’t dry out.



  1. Yum…we love burritos here…perhaps i need to get the twins a little more interactive with them in the hope they eat some of those fillings! thanks for sharing x

    1. Immy loves to make up her own burritos, Jodie, and she does a great job too. Plus she definitely eats more when she makes it herself 🙂

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