Scrabble Spelling Word Game

Inside: A fun and handy printable spelling word game to use with any spelling word list.

As regular visitors to Childhood 101 will be aware, I am on a constant mission to make learning fun and engaging for kids. Fortunately fun doesn’t have to be difficult. You can use simple materials that are readily available to engage children with all sorts of learning tasks – and today we’re talking spelling.

This fun spelling word game is great for revising spelling list words and can be used with any word list.

Playing is simple. Students start by writing a list of their spelling words.

For children who work best with actual physical materials, they can use an actual set of Scrabble letters to make each of the words. The score of each word can then be calculated by adding together the sum of each of the numbers on the Scrabble tiles within the word and recorded on the printable Scrabble Spelling Sheet (download instructions can be found at the bottom of this post).

Alternatively, students can use the Scrabble tile pictures on the worksheet to calculate their word scores.

Scrabble Spelling Worksheet

As an extension, have students identify which word on their list is worth the most? And which is worth the least? Then they can re-write their words on the back of their worksheet in order from that of least value to that worth the most.

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To Print Your Scrabble Spelling Word Game

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    Games like this are brilliant because the kids don’t realise they’re learning how to spell – they just think they’re having a great time.

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