The View From Here

I know I have been MIA around these parts. I miss being here but we have been busy…busy with new baby goodness (aren’t first smiles just the best?), four year old big sister loveliness, what seems like constant washing of onesies, storms resulting in long, long power outages and blown down fences, runny noses, and even a touch of man flu. Thank goodness for cups of tea, time to play and cuddles!

All going well this weekend I plan to be back on board next week. I have so much I want to share and hope you are all still out there???

Take a moment to let me know you are here, tell me – what do you have planned for this weekend?

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  1. Blogs can wait, newbies can’t. See you soon! x

  2. Understand completely, I have 2 month old and can barely compile a sentence let alone maintain a blog. Enjoy the time, we will all still be here.

  3. Nina Downes says:

    Oh how I wish I was washing onesies!!! Enjoy your precious girls 🙂

  4. We’re going to Lansdale Farm… the weather is suppose to be much better this weekend and we all need to get out. The three and half year old is developing a chicken obsession and as she loves to count we thought we’d take her so that she could count chickens to her hearts content.
    Hope you manage to get out this weekend too.

  5. Lovely post and brings back so many memories. People will say to you over and over ‘enjoy them while they’re young’ but it IS true, and those wonderful moments and crazy days with a newborn in the house soon get overtaken by day to day family life.
    I often wished I’d kept a diary, though common sense tells me I wouldn’t have had time in the busyness of those days. At least you’ll have your blog to remind you.

  6. So much sweetness! I’m so happy for you! Wishing you dry noses and plenty of power!

  7. We’re still here and I consider it a happy day when I sit down with my morning cuppa and find an update on here. I too am enjoying the experience of a new baby (almost 3 weeks now) and the little onesies all drying are just lovely. Cute little pieces of material that they are. We’ve been to a bday party today with the big sister but are looking forward to a home day tomorrow with some daddy time for the 3 of us.

  8. I too am in a very similar boat to you…with a lovely 2 week old who is being adored by her big brothers who are 5 & 6.5! Those first smiles are coming soon and i simply can not wait! The cold wet weather is making us all a bit stir crazy and lets not even talk about man flu! I look forward to hearing about your new adventures soon but am thinking you will have to rename your blog!

  9. Loving these photos… we’ve missed you too!

  10. Lovely photos Christie. They stay newborns for such a very short time – enjoy!

    1. I wish I could stop time, the weeks are passing way too fast, I cannot believe AJ is already 8 weeks old.

  11. Niamh Bevan says:

    I was never that lucky, I never found out what it was like to have a 1st brcause I guess I never really got over my 1st love!
    And so as a result I find myself studying Childcare & I’m one of the people who hand the little monkeys back at the end of their day in creche.
    At least I can say that my evenings are still my own!
    I’m a newbee to this page & I forgot to check my email which is why I’m so late getting back you,
    Best Regards Niamh.

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