Thumbprint Easter Egg Decorating

As I shared last year, Immy is a really enjoys making fingerprint art. It makes sense really, seeing how much young children love stamping with stamp pads – fingerprint art is such a perfectly natural extension as fine motor and drawing skills develop. With Easter not too far away we decided to combine fingerprint art with Easter egg decorating and were thrilled with the results. These have to be the cutest little Easter characters you’ve ever seen!

Thumbprint Art Easter Egg Decorating Idea

To make your very own thumprint decorated eggs you will need;

Thumbprint Art Easter Egg Decorating Idea

First we whitewashed our eggs with slightly diluted, white acrylic paint. Once they were dry we looked through our thumbprint art books and Immy chose which characters she was going to create. She stamped on her choice of colours and then added the finer details with marker. You can create more then one character on each egg too.

Thumbprint Art Easter Egg Decorating Idea

And they look great! What is your favourite way to decorate eggs for Easter?

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  1. I am going to try this this easter.

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