Toddler Play: Easter Egg Pattern Matching

This simple toddler activity is super easy to prepare and presents early mathematical learning in a fun, engaging way.

Activities for toddlers Easter Egg Pattern Matching

Easter Egg Pattern Matching

Recommended Age: Eighteen and up – depending upon the age, development and interest of your toddler. AJ is now 23 months and has really enjoyed this activity.

You will need:

  • Plastic fillable Easter eggs
  • Permanent marker pens (I used Sharpies markers)

To make and play:

I used Sharpies permanent marker pens to draw a range of patterns on the eggs. Let the marker dry fully before letting your toddler play or the patterns may smudge. Our patterns have rubbed off a little after lots of use but it has been easy to touch them up as needed with the markers again.

Activities for toddlers Egg Pattern Matching

I presented the eggs halves in a basket as an invitation to play and left it on our playroom mat for AJ to discover.

Activities for toddlers_ Easter Egg Pattern Matching

She has had so much fun joining the halves and then pulling them apart and mixing them up to match again, repeating the activity over and over. As she plays we have talked about the colours of the eggs, and the colours and shapes of the pattern elements. Sometimes I will challenge her to find the matching halves of a particular pair – “Can you match the purple egg with the red spots?” or “Which egg has the big flowers on it?” We have also counted aloud the number of whole eggs. By talking with her as she plays, I reinforce the language of the learning that is occurring.

Activities for toddlers Easter Pattern Matching

Do you have a toddler who would enjoy playing with patterns?

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