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A common theme in our play for weeks now has been caring for an assortment of ‘babies’.  There has been lots of interest in…

As well as bathing babies, taking them on excursions to the library and to swimming lessons, taking them on holidays, visits to the movies…the play scenarios continue to change and grow.

I believe all young children, male and female, should have at least one doll and a doll stroller as this type of family based imaginative play is important to their early development – providing them the opportunity to make sense of their social world (in this case the family unit), and reinforcing any life lessons they are currently learning, an example of which is included in this post about imaginative play.

There were some amazing play ideas linked up in last week’s We Play (thank you), a few of which I included links to from the Childhood 101 Facebook page.  This week I have a challenge for everyone who loves We Play – I challenge each of you to visit and comment on at least FIVE links this week, let’s share the link and comment love amongst the play community 🙂

And now it is over to you, what have you been playing this week…

Join us at We Play to build a playful community. This post will tell you more about We Play if it is  your first time playing.  Have fun visiting and commenting on the great blogs linked up this week.


  1. Love your post and your pictures. Right now stuffed animals are E’s preferred playmates:-)

    This is my first time playing but I will definitely be sure to visit the other posted sites.

    Thanks for hosting!


  2. I’ll visit my five tonight – as sneaking web time at work again 😉

    Baby play is a favourite in our household as well. When decluttering Little Eco’s room last week, I tried to decrease her prams from three to one. She couldn’t bear to let go of any of them. Two cots, three prams, two high chairs! It’s looking like a nursery in her room.

  3. They are sweet pictures! Loved your post on imaginative play. 🙂

  4. MaryLea @ pink and green mama says:

    Fun!! Can’t wait to hop around and get some new play ideas : )

    Love the modeling clay food!

  5. Have not been here for a while…love what you do …enjoy your inspiring thought…xxx

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  7. Just saw your comment on my snowy post about being jealous…I’m putting another up later this week about our weekend visiting my parents during a storm and our 5 attempts to make it up the hill/road to my dad’s house…I’ll link up to this hop tomorrow!

  8. Tnx for hosting,I love to play with you!

  9. Hi Christie

    First time playing… managed to call it Wendy instead of Lemonade making… not sure if you can fix it for me

    It was a great reminder to do a lovely practical post


  10. Thanks so much for hosting this. I don’t always post a link, but I love checking out what others are doing.

  11. Strangely, my daughter has never been very interested in dolls. She does have a couple of favorite stuffed animals. Only lately she started to play with dolls, but it never lasts for long. The pictures in this post are very cute!

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