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Immy received a child friendly camera for Christmas and in three months has taken hundreds and hundreds of photos. Many of the photos are blurred which makes me smile as a reflection of her whirlwind approach to life. We are trying to remind her to stay still as the photo is taken but it is a lesson in progress! (Plus we really need to teach her to use the flash) I love looking at these little snippets of our life – objects that are important to her, family members, interesting patterns and textures, and the occasional moment of complete clarity ๐Ÿ™‚ All representing how she sees her three year old world.

Does your child like to take photos? Do they have their own camera to use or do they hijack yours?

Now it is your turn to play!

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  1. Jacob (almost 5) loves to take photos with a camera too. We gave him our old digital camera a while back which he uses. I did a post about this on my blog too, it was really interesting to see the photos he took. The funniest one was a picture of a dolly’s bum – it makes us laugh everytime we see it!

  2. Francesca says:

    I would love to know what camera your daughter uses. My 5yo son LOVES taking photos and often uses our phones but I’d love to give him his own. I am always fascinated looking at and through his perspective captured in his images. To be honest, some of his shots are incredibly thought provoking and poignant in a way you don’t often find in adult photography.

    Thank you!

    1. Ours is actually from Early Learning Centre but I wouldn’t actually recommend it as the screen is tiny and it has lots of unnecessary features. If I had the choice again I would probably just get her a cheap, ordinary digital camera – they really are available quite cheaply nowadays.

  3. My daughter got a Fisher-Price camera for Christmas a couple of years ago, when she was 3.5 years old and loves taking photos. Although, she has fits and spurts with it and often prefers to use our point and shoot camera (she’s not allowed to touch the SLR!). She’s taken some really cool pictures (like her feet in the air whilst bouncing ont he trampoline), but for every good photo there’s 1000’s of blurry photos of feet!!

  4. My daughter loves to take photos and she borrows our camera, which is scary sometimes because it’s an expensive canon rebel. We’d like to get her a kids camera sometime maybe, or a regular inexpensive digital camera. My husband’s hobby is photography so he has a couple of medium format cameras, and he gave our daughter one camera that wasn’t functioning anymore. It is the old style where it makes a “click” noise when you take a picture, and then you have to wind it before you can take another. It’s just a fun toy and she enjoys it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Love the sound of the old style camera, Heather. I would probably go for a regular, cheaper model digital camera too if I had the option again.

  5. Our kids love taking photos, we tried a child friendly camera but it was more of a hassle. A tripod is a great investment – lets them get better pictures because they can keep it steady and it protects the camera. It can’t get dropped and if they are moving it around the legs stick out and keep it away from furniture.

  6. i love doing photography with children, when i was a prac student it was one my first ongoing activities that i did with a group of kindy kids….i took small groups of five out with a camera and they snapped away…we then used their shots to make collages – one for each child…I can’t tell you how pleased I was with them…

    It was interesting to get these young children to take photos of themselves to make self portrait collages too

  7. E is 2, but she is enjoying turning the screen (that flips out) around on my camera and taking a picture through the movie screen.

    Thanks for hosting the link up. Will come back tomorrow to check out the other posts!


  8. Cecilia Ko says:

    My son loves to use my phone to take pictures, although he doesn’t really know how to use it the right way. He imitates the way we hold up our camera phone to take pictures. It would be interesting to see the pictures he takes when he is older.

  9. My kids regularly borrow my camera (read, steal!!) And my hubby and I have often been in fits of hysterics when we download to photos and see what they have been up to (I have actually used a number of their pics in past ‘we play’ posts – they are just so great!!)
    Even Meerkat got into the act tonight and ran off with my camera. By the time I got it back she had somehow switched it to B&W mode -have no idea how to fix that….sigh ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. It is amazing how things changed…when my kids were growing up it was a No NO for a child to touch a camera as it was considered precious…I used to give them a pretend one…these days kids are in a way spoiled with modern technology…I hope that one day they appreciate what they have …xxx

  11. my son has his own camera (and a camera case). We got him an old digital camera to use. He brings it with him most places we go and is constantly taking photos. Then, we put his pics on the computer and he watches the slide show and decides which ones were “good ones”. The pictures are always of really funny things, like trucks, and jugs of syrup…..

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