What Makes for a Dinner Winner at Your Place?

This post is presented in partnership with KitchenAid.

When my four year old comes into the kitchen asking what smells so good, I know I have a dinner winner!

KitchenAid Artisan Food Processor

Making short work of dinnertime recently at Chateau 101 has been the wonderful KitchenAid Artisan Food Processor loaned to me by KitchenAid. Mincing chicken, slicing veggies, making bread crumbs, combining ingredients – it’s been a real eye opener for a food processing novice like me, especially as food prep has always been my least favourite part of cooking…in fact, I am not quite sure how I will bring myself to send it back!

The Artisan is so easy to use. It features three different sized work bowls and a range of different cutting blades and discs, there is even a dough blade, egg whip and citrus press. All parts (except for the base unit) wash up quickly and easily – we use the dishwasher, and the accessories can all be stored together in the handy storage case – no more digging around in the kitchen junk drawer to find that one annoying missing piece that you only use every now and then.

KitchenAid shares lots of mouthwatering recipe ideas on their website and Pinterest boards – why not check out their Process This board for ideas for using your very own Artisan Food Processor… because one lucky Australian Childhood 101 reader is going to have the chance to win one!

KitchenAid Artisan Food Processor

You could win a KitchenAid Artisan Food Processor in the colour of your choice – empire red, almond cream, onyx black or white. Entry is simple. This is a game of skill and entries will be judged based on creativity and originality. Leave a comment on this post sharing:

Why a KitchenAid Artisan Food Processor would make the perfect addition to your kitchen and which dinner winner meal would you first prepare for your family with it?

Giveaway Terms & Conditions:
1. The competition begins at 8AM AEDST, 22 January 2013 and ends at 8PM AEDST, 5th February 2012. 2. There is one KitchenAid Artisan Food Processor (RRP $595.00) to be won. 3. Entry is limited to residents with an Australian delivery address. 4. Entry is limited to one comment per household/IP address. Please register a routinely checked email address in the email field of your entry. 5. The winners will be notified via email within 7 days of the competition closing. 6. Should the winner fail to make contact via return email within 72 hours of notification a new winner may be selected. 7. The winner’s contact details will be passed onto a representative of KitchenAid and the prize organised directly by them.

A KitchenAid Artisan Food Processor was loaned to me for editorial consideration. Read more in my disclosure statement.


  1. Let me count thy ways why thou need thy KitchenAid Artisan Food Processor.
    My current processor was given to me as a 21st present (in my mid 30s now) and it likes to turn on and off at will. How spontaneous and quite dangerous. It is also perfect for a person in their 20s, but with a family now it just doen’t cut it.
    Our veggie patch is pumping and I am struggling to keep up. The fruit trees are getting heavy too. A top notch processor would make sure I stay onto top of this, so nothing gets wasted.
    My 2nd child is getting into solids and is eating us out of house and home. Need back up stat.
    With the cooler weather on it’s way soon we live on soup. However, I am so over cutting mountains of cubed potatoes, zucchini, tomato, celery, carrot, onion. You get the picture. A food processor would make this job a cinch.
    So what would we cook??? I have a GIANT ham bone in the freezer and it would have to be ham and pea soup processed to silky smooth. Bliss.
    Thx for offerring up this prize. x Renee

  2. Wowser, what a fabulous giveaway!!! I have one of those whizzy stick-with bowl attachments. Its 10 years old now and started to just squash the pesto instead of whizzing it 🙁 I need a serious processor now – I am trying to make more and more from scratch (like Pesto) and the slicing attachment would be awesome for some summer salads and introducing more vegetables to my kids. It would help make some yummies for my going-to-Kindy-girl’s lunchbox (nut free of course!). I do watch Jamie’s 15min meals with jealousy – it takes more than 15mins cutting and slicing by hand!! Thanks for offering such a wonderful prize and thanks to KitchenAid too!!
    Lauren 🙂

  3. We were given Jamie’s 15 min Meals book for christmas and have watched the series with green eyes – a food processor is what we have been missing since the arrival of our children! Oh to be able to respond to my boys when asked in a whingy voices “when’s dinner, I’m huuuungry” with a “wash your hands and set the table, dinner is on its way!” and not be lying! I would blitz and whiz my way through veggie burgers, salads, minces and pastries. Oh yes pastry. I may finally be able to make pastry! My hands are too hot and impatient but the workhorse that the KitchenAid Artisan Food Processor is (by reputation) will open up a whole new culinary world while simultaneously quelling any stirring battle from the little fellas. And did I mention that I would like to make coconut butter that requires a reliable processor to blitz for 10 mins? Thanks for the chance to win Christie. xx Fi

  4. Newly vegetarian, I would love to make some great meals that my kids don’t actually realize are filled with vegetables they swear they will never eat! Chopping it up is the only way I can get things past their little visual vegetable radar!

  5. Why do a need a new food processor, my current one I brought when I moved out of home when I was 18, I’m now nearly 36. The handle is held on with gaffer tape, the centre spindle is broken and slowly stretching, it won’t fit soon, and then I won’t have a food processor at all.

    My dinner winner would be chicken meatballs. I love making them, I mince free range chicken breast, then add grated veges, homemade breadcrumbs and fresh eggs and bake the meatballs. My girls will eat them for dinner and lunch everyday if I let them.

  6. Since I have had kids my food processor gets used more and more and is getting a litle bit old, so it would be great to replace it. The first meal I would prepare in it is a classic family favourite – spaghetti bolognase. I always process up capscium, carrot and zucchini to ‘hide’ in the meat sauce.

  7. I would love a stylish kitchen gadget, such as the KitchenAid Artisan Food Processor to proudly keep on the counter for use with a variety of meals. However, the first meal I would cook would be a simple quiche. I love using food processors to mix the pastry dough and then a different mixing blade for the chopping and mixing of the filling. So versatile!

  8. It would add some colour to my kitchen and I would make pumpkin soup as my first winner dinner meal!

  9. Wow, what I could do with this prize! We are a busy family of 4. I work 5 days, and study full time online for my B.Ed…fingers crossed I finish this year! Any time saver is a god send! I have a productive vegie garden, and 5 hens (and hand reared rooster!) to give us eggs and pleasure. So perhaps I might make my own perfect pastry for a quiche or pie? I love our slow cooker and the succulent dinners I get, but there is minimal input from my kids! I love giving my daughters input into dinner – this way they could help in a quick and safe way by chopping vegies, processing pesto, or whizzing up smoothies and pancake mixtures mess free! I think the first dinner we would cook would be homemade pasta with homemade pesto and chicken sauce! Using homegrown basil and brocolli…possibly not homegrown chook though, so I love our girls too much! 😀

  10. Elizabeth Witney says:

    Hmm I have not long ago bought another brand processor on special that had some bonus salt and pepper shakers which I really wanted LOL the highlight w not the processor as not many of my close family and friends seemed to use one. And we won’t talk about my Bamix still in the box 🙁

    Since owning this one, I have realized how much can actually be done this way and what a time saver it is. My first main, WOW recipe, was frozen watermelon, my son loved this blended, tiny bit of icing sugar in stainless steel bowl and freeze, shave off the quantity and serve. Great while they are teething.

    I think my dinner winner will be meatloaf followed by cheesecake. Yum!

  11. Paula Dickson says:

    Hi I have recently given my pantry and family a shake up, with what we eat and have discovered raw foods, and have fallen in love with cooking again,and better choices for my 2 children and hubby. Having such an awesome appliance in the kitchen wouldn’t only cut the prep and cooking time in half it would also free up time to get out and enjoy quality time with my children and husband. My kids enjoy cooking and love creating new and exciting meals for us to share, this would truly be well loved in our kitchen. Xx

  12. This clever gadget would be very welcome in mine kitchen because sadly I don’t even own my own food processor. Hummus is the very first thing I’d make as it is our favourite snack food and I am sick of buying it quite frankly! Thanks for the chance win. 🙂

  13. kerry santillo says:

    I have plenty of apricots falling of the tree!!
    I have never owned a processor, poor me!!! 🙂
    To make some homely jam or a tart,
    Oh this is just the begining and start.
    The children like to hover as I cook
    this would make them help instead of sook!
    Oh to live a cooks dream and prepare
    glorious meals every night
    this would be outta sight 🙂

  14. It’s the one thing my kitchen is lacking, I need it desperately as I am terrified of the grater. Fearing I’ll grate my fingers to the bone (you should see me grating, I wear rubber gloves, then oven mitts, it really is tragic & wastes so much time for this Mum that loves to cook). First thing I’d make would be an instant & quick coleslaw (whooo hooo no more grater!!!) with baked potato’s filled with sour cream, cheese, fried bacon & onions and lamb that’s marinated in home grown oregano, garlic and lemon and then been slowly roasting over hot coals all afternoon.

  15. with a bub that doesn’t nap, I need a miracle to get dinner made in time, cue the artisan kitchen aid. not only would my craving for gourmet meals be met, but I could get them done in a fraction of the time it currently takes me!
    the first meal I’d make are some fancy sausage rolls from scratch, as I’ve love to play with the attachments and see its magic at work!

  16. Leanne Potter says:

    I’m a cooking nut! But am stuck in a half done, 70’s kitchen nightmare! It would be a treat to have one appliance that works beautifully everytime, & that could make cooking & creating for my family a joy again! What’s the first thing I’d make? My kid’s say pesto, my hubby says shortcrust pastry for quiche, but I’m thinking a secret stash of rum balls, with processed biscuit crumbs – not smashed with a meat tenderizer under a tea towel…..

  17. Deborah Iongi says:

    I have never had a food processor but have been told how amazing they are! Being coeliac I would use it to whip up a gorgeous gluten free feast – probably a roast chicken with homemade stuffing in the food processor!!

  18. I need a food processor
    I have 2 kids and a husband that would agree
    Currently I our home is lessor
    Without a Kitchen aid I can not see
    How could I possibly make potato dauphinoise?

  19. Last year my 20 year old hand mixer finally gave up the ghost, so I bit the bullet and splurged on a KitchenAid Stand Mixer. Oh I’m sooo in love with it (and so are kids and hubby). So I have to jump at the chance of winning an KitchenAid Artisan Food Processor to match it (in classic white of course). There are so many things I would like to make with it; Thai Fish Cakes, Chicken Meatballs, Coconut and Date Snacks but I think first up I would have to make a big batch of Hommus so I have a little snack to go with my glass of bubbly when I celebrate!

  20. Mary Preston says:

    The KitchenAid Artisan Food Processor would just make the preparation time go by in a whizz – literally.

    My daughter must have a Gluten Free diet, so the safest way is to make everything from scratch.

    I think I would begin with tasty burgers for the BBQ. It is Summer after all.

  21. Melanie M says:

    My Masterchef Mother-In-Law has never loved anything I’ve made.
    Maybe I can finally impress her with assistance from KitchenAid!
    Sausage Rolls, Spag Bol with “hidden” vegies, or an amazing fresh dressing.
    If her taste buds aren’t happy, at least the KitchenAid Food Processor will be impressing!!

  22. Alison Polglase says:

    I would really like a food processor. It would let me grate up veggies really fine to bulk up our family meals saving money and ensuring my picky veggie eating children get the veggies they need. It would also help my family on its health journey as we cut out the addivities and nastys in our food, a food processor would mean quick and easier food preparation from scratch. The first thing I would make would be beef pattes with lots of hidden veg.

  23. I’ve never owned a food processor. I’m loving Jamie’s 15 minute meals at the moment and, believe me, they take longer than 15 minutes when you chop everything by hand! A favourite dinner winner in our house is simple pasta with salad. I would LOVE to be able to whip up a coleslaw with this KitchenAid – what a cinch!

  24. Kym Shang says:

    Goodbye chopped and grated fingers with a KitchenAid in my kitchen! I love preparing delicious meals for my family but after 15+ years of being in the kitchen I still say a little prayer to the kitchen god before picking up a knife. With a KitchenAid I could throw away my kitchen first aid kit and enjoy a glass of wine during the preparations! Soups for winter anyone?

  25. Kitchen Aid Artisan Food processor would be a perfect addition to my family’s kitchen. I have never owned one. And although I don’t cook all that much, when I am in cooking mood, I go all out.
    The closest kitchen gadget I had was the manual bar mix one but I broke it when I tried to process Oreos to make cake pops for my son’s 3rd birthday.
    Now that our baby girl has turned 1, I started getting back in the cooking mojo and would love to make cookies and meatballs at the drop of a hat!

  26. ‘Busy mummy, two boys and a hubby’

    There once was a mum of two boys who loved pasta.
    They loved yogurt, bread, soup, and lentils you name it!
    Mum’s cooking just had to get faster and faster,
    But the old processor was kicking the bucket!

    Oh dear, how can she keep up with this ravenous racket!?

    Mum had the idea of purchasing brand new,
    But the budget was already stretched and blown out.
    To save up the money would take months, yes a few!
    But the boys could not wait, in hunger they would shout-

    “The Kitchen Aid Artisan you can’t do without!”

    Oh the joy it would bring to this busy mummy,
    Its red glorious beauty would add shiny colour.
    Keeping up with those boys plus her hungry hubby.
    Creative creations cooked up with much flavour

    C’mon mum 101, won’t u choose me, do me the favour!

    I would love it and nurture it
    Treasure and care for it.
    It’s use would be daily,
    And maybe just maybe,
    I would dare be adventurous
    And cook something stupendous.
    Like nutty macadamia roast chicken
    Or the lime snapper even.

    But first I would do a big batch of hummus,
    So creamy and soft, no lumps would annoy us.
    And my ravenous munchkins would mention,
    “How did you do it! This yummy creation!”

  27. Juliette Major says:

    She who dies with the most appliances probably cooked and ate too much.
    I’ll be cooking up home made macaroni and cheese, sprinkled with cayenne pepper and cheese shredded with my new Kitchen Aid Artisan Food Processor.

  28. Renee Ballantyne says:

    This would allow more family time as i wouldn’t be stuck in the kitchen for hours and hours. I would make my families favourite, shepherds pie with this.

  29. I won’t lie, the red processor completely has me taken. I have always wanted kitchen appliances in unconventional colours – like a baby pink Smeg fridge and smaller pink/red/yellow/orange appliances. Why not make your kitchen a fun and even happier place to be?!

    If I won the Kitchenaid food processor I would definitely be giving it a good run! Would it be bad to say the first thing I would make would be a batch of fresh Bloody Mary’s? Fresh tomato and carrot puree makes the greatest bloody marys!

    Then I guess I would use those bloody mary’s to get me through an entire day of baking and cooking with my new KitchenAid 🙂

  30. Kathleen Jean says:

    There once was a woman named Kathleen
    Who’s knife skills were really obscene!
    She couldn’t chop or dice
    Without cutting herself twice
    She really needs that KitchenAid machine!

    PLEASE save my fingers and pick me to win the KitchenAid Artisan Food Processor. The first thing I would do is whip up my famous pizza dough using the dough blade, then blitz those toppings in a flash with the cutting blades. My family never need worry if that’s blood or pizza sauce again!

  31. Your description of dinner preparation with a grizzly baby underfoot sounds like our place most nights come five o’clock! 🙂 What a great giveaway! I’ve recently realised that there are many almost essential kitchen appliances and gadgets which I am yet to own… a food processor being one of them. I tried a new Jamie Oliver 15 minute meal last week (watching his shows has emphasized why I desperately NEED a food processor to whizz and chop things up almost instantaneously) and when I tried to chop some capsicum in a little mini chopper I have here for the cous cous salad, my gadget literally turned it into a puree!! So the chicken cous cous recipe is the one I would definitely try first if I were to win this giveaway. I’d love to be able to use it to mince things too like chicken so I actually know what is going into things like patties and nuggets and for sweet treats like cheesecake, this food processor would be great for the biscuit base (I currently have to bash three biscuits at a time in a zip-loc bag by hand!) Anything that makes meal preparation time easier and less stressful is a winner in my books and this Kitchen Aid Artisan Food Processor sounds like it definitely fits that description!!

  32. My family loves potato gratin so the food processor would be perfect to cut even potato slices. I can never cut the potato properly.

  33. As someone who is really only learning to cook (other than out of a jar!) I am starting to realise how much I need a kitchen aid food processor! The first thing I would make would be a lovely batch of hommus to delight as I flick through the cook books and make my lists of what is next! Thanks for the chance in your generous giveaway x

  34. Wow. A fabulous opportunity.
    Winning dinners in our house are anything that all 4 people will eat. We have an autistic son and smells and textures are our Achilles heel. It is rare and a delight when everyone can and will eat the same thing.
    I am seeing the opportunity to mince chicken and add our own home grown veg into little chicken balls, and as the filling for dim sims. I often try the age old art of disguise to get goodness into both my sons.
    Thankyou for the chance.

  35. A KitchenAid food processor would make my kitchen complete! We have dreamed of one in red for a while and hope to have one sit proudly on the kitchen bench sometime soon. We all love homemade burgers with hidden goodness but grate my fingers every time I make them. Chicken vege burgers would definitely be the first thing I whip up in it, and some hummus to spread on the bun.

  36. Yippeee!! I would so love one of these. We are about to embark on a gluten free diet for our house hold (one in all in!) and I am really struggling to both work out the menus and ways to prepare/cook to make this as easy as possible. I’ve only ever had a little stick blender which did come with a bowl attachment however it’s only big enough for making dips, pestos etc. I would truly love to own one of these beautiful gadgets to not only make fantastic foods from scratch but also just make my old kitchen look stylish! I think the first thing I would have to make would be some gluten free cookies so that my little one doesn’t miss out on the fun foods and feel left out. Thanks for the opportunity!

  37. The KitchenAid is an engineering masterpiece! No more chopping veggies or meat by hand, the KitchenAid saves me time and wrist injury. And in my neighbourhood it is something to be proud of and show off! The first recipe I would make would be Wonton soup! I can make both the egg pastry and meat stuffing with this engineering marvel without having to take Panadol afterwards!

  38. Sherry Pfeiffer says:

    Spaghetti is a favourite of ours!
    After blending all those ‘yukky’ but healthy ingredients together they have no idea whats in it but just that it tastes fantastic!
    Yummy fresh garlic bread is always a hit as a side too!
    A KitchenAid would come in handy blending the sauce!

  39. I have the kitchenaid mixer, but I really need the matching blitzer.
    I’d really like to make sauces, that thing looks so powerful it could mince horses.
    3 kids, a business, a fussy hubby.. with food like this he’ll come out of the cubby
    The first thing I’d make is fresh pizza dough.. Basil and Mozzarella, look at me go!

  40. The 5pm War
    The sun is still high in the sky and plays tricks with the mind, trying to convince us that it is not really dinner time. But alas it is and dinner is still not cooked. We should be around the table, eating in perfect peace and harmony like that 1950’s family you see in the old advertisements. I guess the fact that it is advertising should ease the guilt that this not our family. Dishes, and scraps of the massacred vegetables, are strewn from one end on the counter to the other. My husband keeps telling me I should clear the work space before I begin. The wisdom is yet to sink in and so I continue to cook surrounded by debris of the day. The children bicker in the background, the fight quickly descending into screams and violence. It sounds like an episode of Dexter, what will the neighbours think of us? I shout above the cacophony, to no avail, the war continues. Meanwhile, the baby creates a mine field of cookie cutters across the kitchen floor and then attaches himself to my leg, howling to be picked up. I oblige for a moments peace. Down again, and the cycle resumes until I start inserting frozen peas into the offending mouth. There are moments in this dinner time fight that I envy my facebook friends with their 8pm feasts at fancy restaurants, the prices reducing me to fainting. But the moment passes almost as quickly as it appeared. We have fought a brave battle, despite the lack of a kitchen aid Blitzer in our arsenal. We surround the table and conquer it. The burgers and buns are slightly burnt in the battle but the kids still give them two thumbs up. I know this peace treaty will be short lived and the war will resume again tomorrow but tonight we will enter no-man’s land, collect our cookie cutters and bury them in the back of the cupboard.

  41. Arielle T says:

    Not long ago, my little one was born, but small,
    And struggled to put on any weight at all.
    Now that the time for solids is nearing,
    I need a WINNER DINNER to assist with this ‘weight gain’ that I am constantly hearing.
    Having never owned a food processor I feel lost,
    To make a WINNER DINNER, due to excessive cost.
    All I want is to puree, slice, dice, chop, and shred,
    To be rid of the weight loss that I constantly dread.
    Making my own rice cereal to start,
    Will be great for my little ones heart!
    Followed by pureed fruit, veggies, meat and fish,
    Which individually will make a winner dinner of a dish!
    Aid me in the Kitchen if you please,
    And help my little one put on weight, including the knees.

  42. Jodie Moss says:

    I live baking but never owned a food processor. When it comes to processing food or blitzing them my best bet at moment is to use my rolling pin to crush them lol. This would be awesome, just in time for back to school cooking

  43. Zara Stevens says:

    Fantastic giveaway!
    My son has food allergies and so I have to always been really, really careful as to what I give him to eat. This Kitchen Aid would make preparing him yummy, healthy and SAFE foods a breeze!

    1. Zara Stevens says:

      Ooh, and my Dinner Winner meal would be home-made meatballs in home-made tomato sauce! Hide some processed veggies in the mince and the kids love them!

  44. Natalie Marshall says:

    I really love to cook. I find cooking is something that I can do to let some of the creative part of me flourish. I don’t do creative things very often, so cooking is really the only time I have to really let myself experiment and make beautiful and delicious things. It has honestly always been a dream of mine to own a KitchenAid. I would be so happy if I was chosen as the winner. I have recently had a baby (he is almost 1 now!) and it would arrive just in time for me to cook all of the food for his Very Hungry Caterpillar birthday party!! I will be making a caterpillar birthday cake, of course! As this is going to be judged by creativity and originality, I feel that I have fulfilled the originality component by sharing my dream to own a KitchenAid, and now I would like to write you a little poem in order to fulfil the creative requirement!!

    My baby is almost ONE
    The COOKING has just BEGUN!
    I want it to REMAIN FUN
    Please help the NEW MUM!!!!

  45. Gabby Howlett says:

    The Kitchenaid food processor would make an exception addition to my kitchen, I have the mixer but sadly no food processor! I love my mixer so much & the food processor would make the perfect pair!

    I cook a lot for our family of three & with Mr 5 going to school the baking, cooking & cutting has only just begun.

    The meal I would make if I won would be zucchini slice (it would be able to be wholly prepared in the Kitchenaid food processor) & finish off with home baked cookies which again the Kitchenaid food processor will whip up in no time.

    Love love Kitchenaid brand really makes life easy cooking at home & looks stylish too 🙂

  46. My current food processor (a wedding present) is lucky that it didn’t get thrown across the kitchen tonight as it trapped the ingredients of my coleslaw under the grating attachment. My husband has just done some major handyman work to remove the attachment. While he was doing that i remembered this giveaway! We are expecting our 4th baby in a few weeks and a kitchenaid food processor would be a another wonderful addition to the family! The first thing I would make would be aggro-free coleslaw!

  47. Serene Lau says:

    Having three kids and a hungry husband means dinner prep is really chaotic and short. A food processor, especially this one, would be perfect for cutting down all that chopping time! I also love making dips and pesto so the first dinner I’d make with it would probably be a Sicilian pesto I saw on Nigellissima the other day!

  48. Shara Cameron says:

    I would love to win a red Kitchen Aid food processor to go in my red themed kitchen it would look great and work even better. I know it would do a great job of processing our winner dinner of chickpea and tuna patties, amazing what the kids will eat when it is fried in cute little patties and served with yummy dipping sauces! Not to mention it will do a better job than my current processor on which I have to hold on the handle and hold down the button, not quite the time saver it’s meant to be…

  49. Lana Stirrat says:

    Generally, a dinner hit at my place would have to be ‘HIDDEN VEGIES’ 🙂 I know there in but they don’t know the vegies are.

  50. Natasha Kuperman says:

    Any appliance that wants a place on my kitchen bench needs to do two essential tasks: look sexy, and make my life easier. Yep, those two boxes are checked with the KitchenAid Artisan Food Processor, so let’s make some room, then make a dinner winner!

    My family loves pesto, each Summer a mountain of sweet basil can be found in the veggie patch, so first up is to whizz a batch of pesto (a batch big enough for this meal and some to the next day too) but for tonight we’ll add some cream cheese and use it as a dip. Add to that the winning combo of crumbed chicken (whizz bread and fresh herbs from the garden) and home-made mayo (more whizzing!) and you’re just about there.

    To finish off with a lemon tart made with freshly-made sweet crust pastry (you guessed it, more whizzing) I think we’d definitely be in dinner winner territory.

    Perfect addition, perfect dinner – and enough left over for lunch the next day!

  51. What a fabulous prize and no doubt a useful one. I would ask for fire engine red, to match how speedy it would be to use and whip up many fabulous dishes that I’d share I promise! I’d call it my little Lamborghini as it’s probably the closest I’d get to one. I am a woman that would be more than happy with the Kitchen Aid Artisian Food Processor!

  52. Tracey Kelly says:

    I would like to be able to use a blender to make smoothies to make my family and friends healthier. I am currently a big mumma who would like to be a healthier weight, this would be a huge blessing in helping to achieve my goal. I will also be trying to encourage my family and friends in a support group for choosing a more healthier lifestyle. i would like to be able to demonstrate recipes and what better way to do that then to be able to use this mixer 🙂 RED is a very vibrant colour something that would look fantastic in my kitchen

  53. Kelly Stutsel says:

    I have been giving my old crappy processor a real work out as I’m cooking my way through Jamie’s 15 Min meals and posting my meals on Facebook. My 6 month out has just started solids so it was out again pureeing baby food. Understandably it has now given up and died 🙁 I need a kitchen aid processor! Pretty please?

  54. I would love the food processor because my right arm is getting bigger than my left. I hate my ‘popeye’ arm
    I would love to make a cheesecake as a treat for my family 🙂

  55. Charlotte says:

    Thanks for the great giveaway, looks just lovely!
    I’d make veggie burger patties and homemade burger buns, for a dinner that suited all the fussy eaters of the family!

  56. Lee Marsden says:

    I’m lost for words…trying to think which of the many yummy things going through my mind I would cook first…I think an apple pie (…why do I always think of dessert first?) everyone loves apple pie and I have a quick pastry I would love to try! The onyx black would look so sexy in my white kitchen!

  57. Tania Lynch says:

    I will make a creamy mushroom and chicken pie to give it a try out with pastry and meat and veges.I have wanted my life in the kitchen to improve so the KitchenAid would make a good partner.

    Dear Childhood 101,
    We are currently holding Sandra’s fingers at ransom. We will continue to occasionally cut and grate her fingers as she prepares food using a manual hand held grater. If you value her fingers and her productivity in the kitchen then send me an unmarked and untraceable KitchenAid Artisan Food Processor to an address I will specify. If you dont, I will continue to randomly harm her fingers and make food prep hard and tiresome for her. It is in my nature.
    Upon receipt of the Kitchen Aid Artisan Food Processor you have my word that I will leave and stop torturing her fingers and she can use it to prepare meals for her family in a safe, efficient and stylish manner.
    Signed – The Grater.
    PS I think the first food she would make with it would be Ladyfingers.

  59. jenny @ let the children play says:

    I have 2 boys – one of whom is a teenager. He is eating me out of house and home. He brings his friends over and they inhale all the food in the kitchen. I need a Kitchen Aid Artisan Food Processor to help me keep up with the sheer volume of food that is consumed by these bottomless pits.

    And on a more girly note, it looks pretty.

    What would I cook first? My 9 year old informs me that it would be a chicken pie and that he would help me whip up the pastry.

  60. Kerry Morris says:

    Cooking is not much fun,
    for this less than creative mum.
    Oh, how happy dad, and the kids would be,
    if mum made more than tinned spaghetti!
    And if she won the family would cheer,
    “Hip hurray, home made lasagne is the first made dish here”!
    Mum would turn and wink,
    And point to the shiny black KitchenAid Artisan Food Processor near the sink.

  61. I am the mother of two little, picky eaters. As most other moms of toddlers and preschoolers, I am constantly worrying about my children’s nutrition and trying to think of new foods and recipes to try with them. I love the idea of trying to hide vegetables and sources of protein in food, but my few attempts have not been very successful. I think that having a KitchenAid Artisan Food Processor in my kitchen would open a window of many new possibilities of creating meals with hidden nutritional benefits.

  62. Emma Lugg says:

    Happy meals
    Loaves of bread
    Dare i say some fruit even!
    All these things (and more!)my children cannot eat, so i spend all day trying to make them something for a treat, but with a kitchen aid artisian processor-
    101 things I could think to make an still find time to play all day, especially handy with a third on the way! (Plus 1 more on uneven days) totalling a tribe of 4 and a hungry hubby to keep happy and fed, how would this help? Some whizzing and blending and lasagne is done, the sort that is for everyone! Full of veg and free of nasties, that’s the sort of meal for me! Cleaning is a breeze with so much in one that I might enjoy some dessert when all is done. Cheesecake perhaps, a crumble or pie- the sort with real pastry oh me oh my!

  63. I live to cook for my family of five and have never used a food processor. I have RA and chopping veggies gets a little hard but I think that a food processor would solve that problem! The first meal I would make would definitely be our family favorite, chicken tacos with guacamole and pico de gallo. YUM!

  64. Would love to win that food processor. Hopefully I can get my kids to try new foodies 🙂

  65. I would love this because my son (4) LOVES helping me in the kitchen and actually has amazing knife skills however he is scared of the noise that our 15yr old processor makes (imagine a robot chewing rusty nails). So it would be great for him to help me cook without wearing his big ear protectors in the kitchen (although the photos are hilarious).
    We would firstly make Bliss Balls (almonds, linseed, sunflowers seeds, cacao, coconut milk) as they are his favourite however they need a lot of time in the “grinder” (Zac’s name for the clunker). Then for dinner we would make bruschetta with the abundance of tomatoes and basil we have in our garden. A great processor would make wonderful bruschetta which is a family favourite for a quick, healthy and flavoursome dinner.

  66. Lisa Anderiesz says:

    A kitchen aid food processor would be my dreams come true! It would save my poor fingers from have their tips grated off on a daily bases. I love to hide grated veggies in almost every meal , so a processor would make my life so much easier. The first meal I would use my new processor would be zucchini crusted pizza with sliced veggies on top. It is one of our families favourite meals. I could save time in the base, pizza sauce and toppings.

  67. Lisa Anderiesz says:

    A kitchen aid food processor would be my dream come true! It would save my poor finger tips from being grated off on a daily bases. I love to hide grated veggies in almost very meal. The first meal I would cook with a new processor would have to be zucchini crusted pizza with sliced veggie toppings. A favourite in my family. I could save time and use the processor for the crust, pizza sauce and toppings.

  68. Shellie Reid says:

    Yummy ‘Quiche Lorraine’ for dinner!
    Served with salad! -A family winner!
    With KitchenAid’s Artisan Food Processor, (A Dream)
    quick meals ‘d boost my culinary esteem!
    My present machine is so antiquated-
    food sticks under the lid, and is constantly wasted!
    Therefore it remains unused and cursed!
    In this new food processor I’d be constantly immersed,
    preparing recipes, by mixing, chopping, or grating.
    WOW!…For this machine, how long ‘ll I be waiting???

  69. Why would a KitchenAid Artisan Processor make the perfect addition to our kitchen? Because I have a Y chromosome.

    We all know that the biggest impediment to artful skill on the kitchen is the Y chrome. For a start it causes domestic blindness (Where is the spatula?!?) Secondly it creates culinary tunnel vision (Cunnel Vision) whereby when the male cooks for the family he can only see the BBQ. My Cunnel Vision means if my wife has a night off cooking then is snags on the BBQ. If I am ever to graduate from snags to soup (my first dish I would make using the Kitchen Aid) I will need help.

    Herbert Johnston, the person who invented the stand mixer in 1919 which later evolved to the Kitchen Aid was a man! (Yes I read the history of the Kitchen aid http://www.kitchenaid.com.au/au/the-kitchenaid-tradition). Why was it invented by a man?…because we need help. When Hebert started this whole thing off by designing the first stand mixer he did it because he suffered Cunnel Vision. Like Alexander Fleming who invented Penicillin just 9 years later, Herbert solved one of society’s illnesses.

    But did he get Fleming-like recognition? No! But today you can right that wrong. Give Herbert the recognition he deserves! Let Herbert Johnston’s intention for inventing the Stand Mixer in 1919 serve its purpose. Give it to a bloke who needs all the help he get to be efficient, creative and stylish in the kitchen. Give it to someone with a Y Chromosome induced Cunnel Vision and let his wife have a break (not a BBQ’d steak).

    (Good on you Childhood 101, my wife and I find this site great)

  70. My kitchen is the original kitchen from when the house was built in the 1960’s, my fridge is older than me. I love to cook but especially bake. I have the kitchenaid mixer but have been lusting after the food processor ever since.
    I have 3 boys, 1 eats everything and anything and the other two are quite picky. This amazeballs food processor would let me hide thier veggies and all the other things they don’t think they like in the meals that I know they love!!!

  71. Nicole Hansen says:

    Since my daughter was born I’ve been going homemade crazy. I make my own juice, yoghurt, fizzy drink, icy poles, even potato chips.
    But it’s not enough. I could make so much more. Baby food, cakes, burgers, meat loaf, bread, muffins, muslie bars, slices. I could go one but I think you get the idea.

    As for the first thing I would cook? I could finally make homemade, healthy pizza.

  72. Catrina Murray says:

    This would be so handy for me as I work long hours so the food prep part of cooking is always rushed – my dinner winner meal to cook first would be minestrone because the prep time of chopping all those vegetables into tasty little pieces would be halved and I can hide as many vegies as I like from the kids in this delicious dish!

  73. KitchenAid Artisan Food Processor. Artisan. Perhaps derived from the worst Artist. And it’ll help me make beautiful art on my guests’ and family’s palates. I’d make my signature pesto, because something so simple makes the best out of the ingredients!

  74. My old processor gave up the ghost over 12 months ago and I am in desperate need of a proper food processor in my kitchen, as I keep burning out cheap ones! The first thing I would make would be a real birthday cake, with butter cream frosting. I can’t cream butter and sugar without a machine and my poor family have had to make do with sorbet cakes all this time. Very sad!

  75. ooooh how awesome would this be, i would throw in some turkey mince and lots of lovely fresh spices, herbs and onion so i could whip up some fabulous patties to get hubby to cook on the bbq in no time and serve with homemade sourdough

  76. Do I need a Kitchenaid processor? No. I own knives. A grater or two. A mortar and a pestle. I have two hands. They both work (despite the occasional close encounter with above mentioned knives). But oh I want one. Want. Want. Want. Why? To make everything just a bit simpler, just a bit quicker, just a bit easier……..And because they are pretty. And to start? Pastry for a pie. Yes I can make it by hand, but oh to do it quicker, simpler, easier!

  77. The KitchenAid Artisan Food Processor would be a welcome sous chef, helping with food preparation. An expert in cutting, chopping, kneading, mixing and more, this sous chef would assist in creating faultless home-made meals. It’s all in the prep after all! A winning meal is one the ends in the family saying, “That was yummo!” An egg and bacon pie is a treat, that’s always a winner. And how good is that pastry, prepared by my sous chef, going to be? Worthy of a Michelin star, I say!

  78. Jennifer B. says:

    NO MORE SLICED KNUCKLES – but plenty of healthy vegetables!
    I’m making our family favourite, “Quickest Quiche” which the children all love – and so do I. So easy, foolproof and healthy.
    A KitchenAid Artisan Food Processor would cut preparation time (but not my fingers) to a minimum!

    2 large potatoes, grated or chopped
    1 small kumara, grated or chopped
    1-2 carrots, grated or chopped
    1 sliced zucchini
    1 stick celery. finely sliced
    1/2 cup grated cheese
    200g can corn kernels
    1 onion finely chopped
    3 rasher bacon, chopped
    1/2 cup SR flour
    2 tablespoons oil
    2 eggs, lightly beaten

    Mix everything together and bake in a greased quiche dish for 40 minutes at 175°C.
    Serve with green salad. Too easy!

  79. Elizabeth says:

    Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a brand new processor!
    My knuckles are in shreds, I must make amends
    Worked hard in this kitchen, no help from my man!
    So oh Lord, won’t you buy me a brand new processor!

    Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a brand new processor!
    Wholesome family meals are trying to find me
    I wait for delivery each day until 3
    So oh Lord, won’t you buy me a brand new processor!
    (disclaimer; this is so very tongue in cheek! No offense to the liberating Janis Joplin 🙂

  80. That snazzy KitchenAid would take the hard work out of meal preparation, leaving me with more time and energy to devote to the business of living, loving ….and eating my perfectly delicious lasagne; no more laborious chopping, grating and whipping. What bliss.

  81. Miss FiFi says:

    The motor on my old food processor has gone and I think a KitchenAid would look much nicer instead. My failsafe dinner is home-made burgers and I’d use it to chop onions, herbs and make breadcrumns then mix it all up. Cheap, easy and quick!

  82. All I have ever had was a stick blender. With a picky little man who won’t eat any vegetables except for raw carrot and cucumber, I finally found pumpkin soup to be my save all when trying to push vegetables. Sadly, my stick blender died a few months ago and apparently mashing it by hand doesn’t count.

  83. As a mother of 3 year old twins my life can be very busy! I am always cooking up nutritious meals for them and made all of their baby food from scratch. I never invested in a processor as being a stay at home mom limits the income coming. My girls are now at the stage where cooking is so much fun. I tried making homemade bread in my hand mixer and blew out the motor and left a mess, the girls thought that was kinda fun, it was. It would be awesome if we won the KitchenAid Processor! I think we would make Hummus first since that is one of their favorite foods right now. Thank you!

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