6 Things Your Children Will Be Truly Grateful For

What will your children be grateful for when they look back on their childhood?

Will it be all the toys they had, or the fashionable clothes they wore, or the technology they had access to, or any of the other things that tempt us parents to spend money?

I doubt it.

6 Things Your Children Will Be Truly Grateful For

Instead I believe our children will be grateful for…

1. The undivided and loving attention of their parents,

2. A home that is a haven, safe and secure,

3. Family and friends who take time to listen,

4. Knowing what real food is and where it comes from,

5. Simple holidays with family and friends, and

6.  The space and time to learn through real play.

I know that when I look back on my childhood the things I’m grateful for have nothing to do with money or materialistic possessions.

How about you? What do you hope your children will be grateful for?


  1. So true! Thankyou for the reminder. It’s so easy to get caught up in the busyness. I love the photos as well!

  2. Yes. Right you are.

    I’d like them to look back at our slow-paced days enjoying the outdoors, reading together, swinging in the hammock, and drawing together. The childhood I want them to have and remember.

  3. Loved the photos. Very beautiful post. Hopefully kids now days are grateful for things money can’t buy, like love and family.

  4. Love this post!

  5. What a beautiful reminder. Thank you.

  6. Christie…Lovely post.I just hope when my daughter grow up she will remmeber fun time we are spending towards exploring nature and our fun time of activity we are doing together.

  7. So true and well said! I just wrote a post about this. I am highly concerned that childrens and parents’ overuse of technology will greatly affect childhood memories. I want my children to look back on their childhood and remember all the fun they had outdoors, camping, playing cards, board games, hiking, swimming, fishing, sledding, and exploring. They may also remember watching movies together, playing Family Feud on the iPad, videoing crazy skits they created or geocaching. Might sound trite but they only live once! Read my post here http://growingplay.blogspot.com/2016/01/what-looks-like-more-fun.html

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