Would You Rather…? Game for Families: New Year’s Eve Edition

The super fun party game Would You Rather…? is a great conversation game and is sure to get everyone talking at your family New Year’s Eve party!

New Years Eve Would You Rather game

New Year’s Eve Would You Rather..? Game for Families

Would you rather…

Have to sing every time you speak or dance every time you move?
Wear only a swimsuit or pair of pyjamas everyday for the next year?
See ten years into the future or travel back 100 years?
Celebrate the New Year with your family or your pick of 3 celebrities?

Will your choices be the same as your children? Or your spouse?

There aren’t may rules for playing Would You Rather…? Simply take turns drawing a card from a central bowl or pile and answering the Would You Rather…? question displayed. The questions prompt each person to state a preference, and will often result in fun debate as family members or friends share different perspectives.

It’s a fun conversation starter at a party, around the dinner table, while you’re family is passing the time on a road trip, or even while you’re waiting for service a restaurant or the doctor’s office!

The printable game card set includes 30 Would You Rather…? conversation prompt cards as well as six blank cards that are perfect for creating your own conversation prompts. The question prompts include some questions inspired by the new year and the holidays, alongside others that are more general in nature.

New Years Eve Would You Rather question cards

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