New Year’s Alphabet Bingo Game

This New Year’s Alphabet Bingo Game is a great way to revise alphabet learning with preschool or kindergarten age learners.

I love bingo as a first game for kids and adults to play together, making it the perfect game for your holiday family gathering. Being a classic game with simple rules, it’s an easy game to just sit down and play together. And the fun, metallic foil balloon alphabet design makes this a great New Year’s Eve party game.

Bingo is also fun for Christmas parties, family game night and as a classroom literacy activity.

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New Years Alphabet Bingo Game Printable

Printable New Year’s Alphabet Bingo Game

This printable bingo game includes 8 different bingo game boards, a set of calling cards and instructions for play. Download and printing instructions are included at the bottom of this post.

Prepare your game;

  • Print the game boards and calling cards onto matte photo paper or lightweight cardstock
  • Cut calling cards apart
  • Laminate game boards and cards for added durability

How to Play Bingo:

  • You will need a prepared set of the Alphabet Bingo game plus tokens for each player to use to cover the letters on their bingo board – e.g. buttons, Lego bricks, counters, mini erasers, etc.
  • Shuffle the calling cards well and stack them in a pile face down on the table.
  • A caller can be nominated, or players can take turns to turn over the top calling card from the pile.
  • If a player has the item shown on the calling card on their individual game board they place a token over the picture.
  • Once a player has covered all items pictured on their individual game board they call ‘BINGO!’ and win the round.
  • Alternatively, for a shorter game, the first person to cover an entire row or column wins the round.

Alphabet Bingo Game

Download Instructions: New Year’s Alphabet Bingo

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