50 Playful Sight Words Activity Ideas

Immy is well and truly on the road to learning to read, arriving home from school with her very first beginning reader last week! As I have shared previously, learning to automatically recognise high frequency sight words is an important part of this process as automatic recall positively influences reading fluency, which in turn aids clearer comprehension. Providing lots of opportunity for children to revisit sight words is important to the development of automatic recall but this repetition doesn’t have to be boring, in fact the 50 sight word activity ideas included in this list are most definitely not boring! These fun and playful ideas include something for everyone – for those who like to be physically active to those who like a side of creativity with their learning, there’s something for the child who loves a cognitive challenge and for the one who learns best through co-operative games – the list includes suggestions suitable for all types of learners.

50 Playful Sight Words Activity Ideas

1. Sight Word Spotlight:
A Little Learning for TwoSight words spotlight activity
2. Sight Words Speed Racer Game:
No Time for Flashcardssight-word-race-for-kindergarten
3. Sight Word Trampoline Jump:
Childhood 101
4. Sight Words at Tub Time:
Tutus & Tea PartiesSight words tub time activities
5. Blowing Down Sight Words Game:
Toddler Approvedblowing down sight words game
6. Sensory Sight Words:
Mess for Less
7. Alphabet Rocks:
Childhood 101
8. Sight Word Jenga:
The First Grade Diaries
sight word Jenga
9. Sight Word Beach Ball:
Kids Activities BlogSight-Word-Beach-Ball
10. Sight Words & Elefun:
Here Come the Girls
Sight words and Elefun
11. Magnetic Build-A-Word Tray:
I Can Teach My Childmagnetic sight word tray
12. Sight Word Tic Tac Toe:
A Mom With a Lesson Plan
sight word tic tac toe
13. Sight Word Island Jumping;
Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas
sight word island jumping
14. Q-Tip Sight Word Painting:
Scribble Doodle and Draw
sight words in a paint baggie
15. Sight Word Cup Crash:
Coffee Cups & Crayons
16. Popsicle Stick Word Puzzles:
This Reading Mama
17. Paper Plane Sight Word Fun:
This Reading Mama
18. Roll A Word Alien:
Playdough to Plato
19. Where’s the Bear? Game:
Sprinkles to Kindergarten
wheres the bear sight words game
20. Sight Word Parking Lot:
Juggling with Kids
sight word parking lot game
21. Sight Word Hopscotch:
Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas
sight word hopscotch
22. Shower Time Sight Words:
Childhood 101
shaving cream sight words
23. Sand Tray Play Ideas:
Childhood 101
Sand tray sight word activities
24. Sight Words Sensory Bin:
Shining Our Lights
sight words sensory bin
25. Ping Pong Ball Fun:
Melissa Culver’s School Daze
ping pong ball fun
26. Sight Words Fun with Gems:
The Educators’ Spin On It
Sight Word Fun with Gems
27. Squeegee Sight Words:
A Little Learning for Twosqueegee sight words
28. 3D Sight Word Search:
No Time for Flashcards
29. Sight Words Emergent Readers:
The Measured Momsight words printable emergent readers
30. Bingo with QR Codes:
Technology in Early Childhoodsight words bingo activity
31. Sight Word Magic Squares:
Playdough to Plato
32. Lego Reading Game:
The Pleasantest Thing
33. Clothes Pin Match:
Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas
clothes pin match
34. Sight Word Target Practice:
I Can Teach My Child
paper plate sight word target practice game
35. Sight Word Seashells:
NurtureStoresight word seashells
36. Sight Word Scramble:
Playdough to Platosight word scramble
37. Roll a Sight Word Game:
I Can Teach My Child
roll a sight word game
38. Gross Motor Sight Word Game:
No Time for Flashcardssight-word-gross-motor-game-
39. Magic Sight Words Painting:
The Pleasantest Thingmagic painting sight-words-activity
40. Sight Words Crayon Rubbing:
School Time Snippetssight words crayon rubbing activity
41. Gross Motor Sight Word Toss:
Learn With Play at Home
gross motor sight word toss
42. Sight Word Connect 4:
Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas
connect four with sight words
43. Sight Word Pizza Box:
Boy Mama Teacher Mama
44. Sight Word SMASH!:
School Time Snippets
sight word smash
45. Sight Words Balloon Match:
A Little Learning for TwoSight words balloon matching game
46. Sight Word Drawing Challenges:
Childhood 101
47. Sight Words Swatting:
School Time Snippetssight word swatting activity
48. Slingshot Word Challenge:
Inspired by Familysight word slingshot game
49. Muffin Tin Sight Words Games:
Growing Book By Bookmuffin tin sight words activities
50. Sight Words I Spy Bottle:
Sugar AuntsSight words I Spy Bottle

But that’s not all, check out this post for even MORE playful sight word ideas


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  1. Thanks for this fantastic collection of site word games and activities. I will have to work my way through these with my almost 5 year old.

  2. What an incredible resource! Thank you :)

  3. Wow what an amazing list! And I like the idea of scrabble tiles, lots of fun!

  4. Melissa Odom says:

    I have been searching on pinterest for ideas to work on sight words with my students. However, this is the first time I’ve come across such quality ideas in one place. Thank you for taking the time to compile this list. It will serve as an outstanding resource in the months ahead. Thank you!

  5. Wow, what a great resource! Thank you for including Growing Book by Book’s muffin tin sight word game in the list. I’ll be sharing this link!

  6. Very clever ideas. Thank you for sharing! Hopefully we’ll be in the next list *crosses fingers*

  7. argh sight words! I used to really dread them when I was teaching. This is a crazy number of fun activities though :) Jack is not really interested in learning to read too much yet, which is fine, he can do c-v-c put that’s it at the moment. I wasn’t looking forward to introducing sight words but these look fun :) I even love the scrabble :)

  8. Gosh I’ll need to start thinking about this type of thing soon and this is a good place to start! These ideas look far more fun than the boring old ipad (not to mention better value!). Great list.

  9. Wow pinning to use many times in the future!!

  10. A great collection of ideas! Thanks for sharing out Sight Word Pizza Box!

  11. Oh my, this is one of those post you have to bookmark. So many activities to explore. Love the, Christie!

    Also, I wanted to say thank you for your wonderful words of wisdom at PB con. I really appreciated our chat xx

  12. What an awesome collection Christie. Pinned xoxo P

  13. Thanks for putting all these awesome resources in one handy spot. Pinning :)

  14. Great list! Sight words are so important, aren’t they? In our house, we had a word of the day along with a short sentence on the whiteboard in the kitchen which worked well for us. I think it’s important to put them in context sometimes to help with the spelling of them later.

    I’ll always have one activity that focuses on sight words in class. I shared some on my posts about literacy centres awhile back but will be giving some of these a try next. Thanks for sharing :)

  15. What a wonderful collection! It’s these types of posts that make things a lot easier for me to introduce fun and educational activities in the home because I don’t have a teaching background or many creative bones in my body! Thank you.

  16. What a handy collection. Pinned :)

  17. Wow, what a fantastic round up! I will be using these ideas, Bubble is bringing home new sigh words every week and I’m running low on ideas for practicing them! Thank you for including our links, honoured as always to be included here.

  18. Such a great collection Christie…thankyou! Always need ideas for this area, have pinned for future reference!

  19. Great round up!

  20. So many fab ideas here. I’ve pinned the post :)

  21. So many great ideas here! Thanks for including our Sight Word Gems. Just shared onto our Sight Word Pinterest Board and Twitter. Make sure you share this post on our After School Link Party this week too! So many fun ways to play with words!

  22. Such amazing list of great ways to work on sight words! Definitely pinning!

  23. I love these ideas! My husband and I are firm believers in you can’t just send them to scho and expect them to excell….we have always worked with our son Lucas (6 years old) using books, workbooks etc… he excelled in pre K. He is always ready for the next thing! We started using the sight word caterpillar the summer before kindergarten he knew 50+ sight words on his first day!!! It was a great tool for us!! I will brag a little on him now…he it top reader in his class his last WPM was 92! He is also doing 3rd grade math!! And in his Awanas he had his 1st sparkies workbook & extra credit book completely memorized!! He worked on it & we always encouraged, praised, worked with him & provided fun learning aid & ideas!! So thanks for these ideas!!! We love getting creative ways to nurture our boy!

  24. LOVE your ideas! Thanks for sharing. Here is a game I play with my own children and Kindergarten students that encourages word-building:
    Thanks again :)

  25. Such a great selection of ideas.

  26. Great list, I will be adding many of these to our at home practice. One that we recently had success with was using washable markers and instead of writing on paper writing on our legs! Bonus of this activity also resulted in a bath :)

  27. Hey :)
    I lovr these ideas. They are very similar to some of the activities I use for at home practice with sight words. Check it out!

  28. Christie Burnett says:

    Pinned this great resource to use in my classroom. When I came to the end of the article I laughed to see the author’s name was my name!

  29. Some wonderful ideas here! Thanks for putting this list together and can’t wait to try some of these out on my pre-schooler.

  30. Thanks for the great list! My husband and I built a free Dolch Sight Words app for iOS & Android. It includes translations (currently Spanish and Arabic, with more coming!), and it is really fun and interactive to use. We’d love for you to check it out! See my blog link for more info & links to download for free.

  31. Thank you so much!!!! Amazingly fun and creative ideas. I am having a ball teaching my students sight words.It takes something very monotonous into exciting activities. This is an incredible resource.

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