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Parenting: Perfect or Principled?

Amanda Morgan

Today I would like to welcome fellow teacher, blogger and mama, Amanda Morgan of Not Just Cute to Childhood 101. As a society, we tend to be suckers for a great slogan.  Lexus had a catchy one a few years ago: “The relentless pursuit of perfection.”  We could certainly apply the same slogan … [Read more...]

Literacy Spot #45: Visual Schedules

routine charts

Using a weekly schedule tailored to your child's regular activities not only engages them with a literacy based tool in a purposeful way but also helps children to learn about routine or rhythm and provides them with a visual prop that helps them to be involved with getting organised for the … [Read more...]

Managing Play With Children of Different Ages


This post is by regular contributor Kate Fairlie of Picklebums. We have four kids - seven year old twin girls, a four year old boy and a one year old boy. Sometimes finding the space or suitable activities for everyone to play together can be a bit tricky. Sometimes there is frustration and … [Read more...]

Young Children and Independence

Children and independence

"The essence of independence is to be able to do something for one's self." ~ Maria Montessori "I do it!" Young children often strive for independence. Helping them to develop a sense of independence can be as simple as choosing everyday tasks and putting in place a system or procedure that … [Read more...]

How Can I Help My Child Develop Social Confidence?

developing social independence

The following question was recently received from a Childhood 101 reader and Mum of two: I was wondering how parents can encourage social and emotional independence in early childhood? I take both my boys to activities such as Music and Swimming and I have noticed that both do not like to get … [Read more...]

Parenting Styles: Reactive or Proactive?

Parenting styles

Definition Reactive: Tending to be responsive or to react to a stimulus. Characterized by reaction. Proactive: Creating or controlling a situation by causing something to happen rather than waiting to respond to it after it has happened. ~The Free Dictionary online As parents we all spend … [Read more...]

Kids Music 101: Music & Emotions – Music for Stimulating Positive Behaviour

Get up move CD

This post is by regular contributor Christine Gora of Kids Music Toys. Marketers have known for years that music is a powerful tool for encouraging particular consumer outcomes. There has been much research into the effects that volume, speed, pitch and types of music have on product preference … [Read more...]

E-book Review: Parenting With Positive Guidance


Today a keyword search for books on 'parenting' at will net you 61,181 titles to choose from. Publishers are tapping into the struggle of modern day parents in their search for a quick fix to sleep problems, a simple formula for fussy eating or an ABC for handling behavioural … [Read more...]