Gardening with Kids: DIY Seed Tape

Gardening with kids: Make Seed Tape. A great gift or party favour idea.

Children love being involved in growing things – my girls love planting colourful flowers and vegetables and herbs. For kids, there is nothing quite like the anticipation of seeing a tiny seedling poke through the soil or the excitement of waiting for the first strawberry or tomato of the season to … [Read more...]

Gardening with Kids: A Review of The Garden Classroom

The Garden Classroom by Cathy James: A Review.

Blogging has been such an exciting adventure for me (wow, can you believe I have been doing this for 6 years now!) and along the way I have made some wonderful online friends, including NurtureStore blogger and now author, Cathy James. Cathy has just released her first book - The Garden Classroom: … [Read more...]

Learning About Composting

An Everyday Story for Childhood 101 | Teaching Children About Compost

This post is by regular contributor Kate Gribble of An Everyday Story. Do you compost? I realised recently, as I was peeling and slicing vegetables for dinner, that most of our general rubbish was fresh food scraps; wonderful, nutrient dense scraps just going straight into the bin. I guess I’ve … [Read more...]

Practical Kids: Make a Worm Farm

Worm farm how to

Regular contributor Tricia Hogbin of Little Eco Footprints shares a simple eco-friendly project perfect for introducing children to the superpowers of worms! Making a worm farm using free and recycled materials is easy – easy enough that children can do it themselves with just a little help. All … [Read more...]

Kids in the Garden: How to Make a Fairy Garden

Kids in the Garden - How to Make a Fairy Garden at Childhood 101

Our back garden is a constant work in progress and we recently decided to tackle a small area between the cubby house and trampoline. The relatively small space wasn't being used and with no defined purpose it had become overgrown with grass and weeds while we tried to decide what to do with it! One … [Read more...]

Family Weekend Project: How to Make a Bird Bath


With the cooler weather we are enjoying spending a whole lot more time outdoors as a family. Which is a good thing because our garden really needs some attention! We recently spent some time revamping the fairy garden (which I will share next week) and one thing we wanted to add to the space was a … [Read more...]

Planning a Playful Garden: Plants that are Perfect for Play

Plants for kids gardens

This post is by regular contributor Kate Fairlie of Picklebums. It is great for kids to get outside and play in the garden but it’s even better when they can play with the garden! 

Including plants in your garden that are suitable for kids to use in their play is a great way to encourage them to … [Read more...]